Controlled Demolition of WTC Impossible

buccaneer.gifThere is no possible way for the WTC collapse to have been a controlled demolition, and the evidence is here. This is an article authored by Brent Blanchard, Senior Editor for, and Director of Field Operations at Protec Field Documentations, Inc. Protec is a widely respected authority in the area of explosive demolition, having done engineering studies, structural analysis, etc on over 1000 different demolition events in over 30 countries. (Unless otherwise indicated, all information in this particular post comes from the above article).

First off, the blast looked nothing like controlled demolition. Controlled demolitions are always started from the bottom, to take the most advantage of gravity. However, the buildings failed where the planes hit, as indicated by close examination from every video and photographic angle, and there are no independent failures- all the floors below the impact point did not fail until being hit by the collapsing floors above them. According to the aforementioned article, there are other problems as well. The first possibility is that the explosives were placed, in advance, on the exact impact floors and somehow survived the initial, violent impact and resultant explosions, not to mention extreme heat.

The chemical nature of explosives (and their reaction to heat) makes this scenario physically impossible (Hint: High speed impacts and/or extreme heat tend to set off explosives). The other possibility is that the buildings were wired while the fires were burning, which is also pretty doubtful. Of course, there’s also another problem with both possibilities. One would have to place shaped charges on the columns, which necessitates removal of walls, furniture, etc on all impact floors as one must be able to see the columns to place the charges. This would require them to have either completed the entire work in the 55 minutes between impact and collapse, or done in advance, on several floors in both buildings, without getting caught and the explosives to have survived the impact of the planes. There’s just no way it could have been done.

Oh, and just for a comparison, the 16-story New Frontier Hotel was brought down by controlled demolition on Nov 13, 2007, and required half a ton of explosives to bring it down (refer to If 1000 pounds of explosives is needed to bring down a 16-story building, then logic (something that seems to elude the 9-11 conspiracy crowd) dictates that in order to bring down the World Trade Center, which was considerably larger, one would need a lot more than half a ton of explosives.

New Frontier Demolition! – video powered by Metacafe


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