Melted Steel Claim is a Strawman

melt.jpgConspiracy theorists state that jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. Granted, this is true, but that argument is a straw man for one simple reason, found here. The steel did not need to melt, it only needed to weaken, and the fires, which in some cases were up to 1,100º F ( 593º C) which is more than enough heat to cause such weakening, resulting in the eventual collapse. The fact of the matter is that steel loses 5 %of it’s structural integrity at about 650º F (343‚º C), and can lose up to 90% of it’s strength at 1,800º F (982ºC), but even assuming a maximum temperature of 1,000º F (538º C), that is still more than enough reason for sufficient damage to result in an eventual collapse (refer to

In addition, the jet fuel was not the only thing burning- it was merely the ignition source. There were things like office furniture, computers, etc were also burning, and as we see here, black smoke doesn’t prove squat as large fires involving plastics and such will also produce large quantities of black smoke. Using conspiracy theorist logic ( an obvious oxymoron), barbecuing should also be impossible, as the lighter fluid doesn’t burn hot enough to cook food- it merely gets the fire going.

The design of the World Trade Center (essentially a “tube in a tube”) merely added to the problem. The impact from the planes, plus the initial impact, dislodged the fireproofing, which increased the steels susceptibility to fire. The extreme heat then caused severe weakening of the steel, and the expansion of said steel, which caused it to warp, thereby causing the collapse.

As for Steven Jones’s article that states that melted steel was found at Ground zero, there are several problems with that claim, found here: All Jones’s sources are anecdotal, and have been made as a result of informal observation. Lot’s of people consider any grayish metal to look enough like steel that they call it steel. However, one needs to test it in a lab to determine if it was actually steel. In point of fact, the substance was more likely aluminum, which was a component of the WTC construction, melts at much lower temperatures than steel, and can look similar to steel.

As for 1975 WTC fire that’s apples to oranges. The conspiracy theorists claim:

In the 9/11 fires the windows were not broken by the heat (only by the aircraft impact) indicating a temperature below 700 degrees Celcius (1292°F).

This is rather dishonest as the planes obviously broke the windows. Hint to CT’s: you can’t break the windows twice.

Last but not least, if anyone looks at their history, they’d realize that blacksmiths in the Old West worked steel horseshoes at much lower temperatures than were found at Ground Zero. Simply put, the melted steel claim is merely a strawman argument.


Posted December 7, 2007 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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