The Real Facts about WTC 7 Collapse

wtc7 Conspiracy theorists often say that the collapse of World Trade Center 7 was proof of controlled demolition as no planes hit it. However, this isn’t quite true- while it did NOT suffer damage from an airliner impact, WTC 7 DID suffer impact damage- it was damaged by debris from the collapsing north tower. Building 7 was 400 feet away from the north tower, but when you take into account the fact that the Twin Towers were 1300+ feet tall, 400 feet is within easy reach for the collapsing tower. In addition, if you go here  and scroll down, you’ll see a diagram showing the debris zones, and some pictures of other damaged buildings in the area. Oh, and as to why those other buildings, didn’t collapse, the reason is this: they never caught fire. It was NOT the fire alone that did damage; it was a COMBINATION of the impacts, the dislodging of the fireproofing by said impacts (the plane impacts for WTC 1 and 2 and the debris impact for WTC 7), and the large, unfought fires that caused the collapse.

There are other problems with the “truther” claims as well. For example, as we see here, in Loose Change, Dylan Avery claims all the buildings around WTC 7 remained intact, while WTC 7 fell straight down into a little pile in six seconds. This could not be further from the truth. The fact is that the nearby Verizon building at 140 West Street was severely damaged by the collapse of the Twin Towers. Furthermore, 30 West Broadway (Fiterman Hall) which was across the street from WTC 7 was damaged so badly that it had to be demolished. There’s also the fact that WTC 7 did NOT fall straight down- it fell to the southwest, and took longer than 6 seconds- seismic readings indicate an 18-second occurrence. Oh, and as we see from the previous site, the WTC 7 collapse was NOT sudden.

As we see here, the statement that WTC 7 suffered only small fires is also false. The pictures near the bottom of the page indicate problems with the 9-11 “Truth” Movement’s claims.

Regarding the pull-it theory, Silverstein was NOT referring to demolition of the WTC 7 but to the firefighting team. Before someone brings up the video Alex Jones uses with regards to WTC 6 being pulled, go here and you’ll see Alex Jones doesn’t give us the whole truth. In demolition terms, pull means to pull the building down with cables. Brent Blanchard of Protect confirms that here and states that a similar operation on WTC 7 would have been logistically impossible. Blanchard further states that, since Silverstein was talking to the fire commander (something even the CT’s acknowledge), they had to be talking about the firefighters as anything else would violate the emergency workers ethics regarding their safety, not to mention the fact that it would create a major liability issue.


Posted December 14, 2007 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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