Facts About so-called Squibs

Those so-called“squibs” conspiracy theorists are always pointing to are not proof of controlled demolition and the proof is here. Those “blasts” begin with a brief spurt, then increase, which is the reverse of how explosives work. There is also the fact that in a controlled demolition, large amounts of explosives are placed on ALL floors- this is true even for small buildings. In addition, a lot of those squibs are just tiny little wisps of smoke. Furthermore, once the floors above the damaged areas began to collapse ( due to the fact that the damaged areas could no longer support the weight), there’s no way the lower floors could have survived the impact.

Once again, the reason for this is physics (and by physics, I mean the real world physics, not the cartoon physics that conspiracy theorists use). Once downward motion begins, the only thing you have acting on it is gravity and the acceleration due to gravity ( for the Earth) is a CONSTANT 9.8 meters per second squared, meaning that for every second an object falls, it’s velocity increases by 9.8 meters per second which is about 22 MPH. The thing is that if something is accelerating, that means the velocity is CHANGING seeing as how physics defines acceleration as a CHANGE IN VELOCITY over time. Remember, kinetic energy is one half the mass times the square of velocity (KE = ½ mv²). So that means as the floors are collapsing, the energy is increasing EXPONENTIALLY. You also have a thing called momentum, which is mass times velocity, written as p (Greek letter Ro) = mv. The thing is if the velocity is increasing, then the momentum must also increase. When the collapsing floors impact the stationary floors below it, the direction of motion will be in the direction of whichever object (in this case the collapsing floors vs. the ones they impacted) had the largest momentum. Common sense (something CT’s lack) tells us that the collapsing floors would have the largest momentum for one simple reason. The floors below the impact zone (the ones that sat there until the collapse began) had no momentum, as they had mass but no velocity.

Let’s not forget that the Twin Towers contained mostly air (as do most human-inhabited buildings). In his Aug 8, 2006 article at Implosion World, Brent Blanchard Points out that the Twin Towers were about 70 percent air. The so-called squibs were merely debris being pushed out by the increasing pressure. After all air is a gas, and according to Boyle’s Law (which has to do with the behavior of gases), volume is inversely proportional to pressure, written as V = 1/P. Now, clearly, if the towers were collapsing, the volume was decreasing, and if the volume decreases, then Boyle’s Law says the pressure must increase, so anything in between will get shoved out of the way- think of it as a giant syringe.


Posted December 29, 2007 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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