Steel Buildings that collapsed due to fire before 9-11.

Conspiracy theorists often claim that no steel-framed building ever collapsed due to fire before 9-11.  However, this is a complete lie and here are some examples of steel-framed buildings that collapsed due to fire before 9-11-01: The Kader Toy Factory fire, which occurred on May 10, 1993.  Buildings 1, 2, and 3 all collapsed as a result of that fire (see Kader Toy FactoryFire).

On Jan 16, 1967, the steel roof of the McCormick Place in Chicago collapsed due to fire (refer to McCormick Fire).

As we see here, in January of 1997 (just over four years BEFORE 9-11 occurred), the $15 million dollar Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster County, Pa collapsed due to fire.

Go here, and you’ll find a list of steel-framed buildings that collapsed due to fire as the following quote from the above link says,

Two large department store fires in Athens, Greece, in 1980 are documented in the paper by Kyriakos Papaioannoa, 1986.4 These fires began at 3 a.m. on Dec. 19, 1980, with arson being suspected as the cause. The Katrantzos Sport Department Store was an 8-story reinforced concrete building. Its fire started at the 7th floor and rapidly spread throughout the building, due to lack of vertical or horizontal compartmentation and the absence of sprinklers. Collected evidence indicated that the fire temperatures reached 1000°C over the 2- to 3-hour fire duration, and the firefighters concentrated on containing the fire spread to the adjacent buildings. Upon termination of these fires, it was discovered that a major part of the 5th to 8th floors had collapsed. Various other floor and column failures throughout the Katrantzos Building were also observed (see Figure 1). The cause of these failures was considered to be restraint of the differential thermal expansion of the structure that overloaded its specific elements or connections. On May 21, 1987, Sao Paulo had one of the biggest fires in Brazil, which precipitated a substantial partial collapse of the central core of the tall CESP Building 2.

Another quote from states,

A fire-initiated full collapse of a textile factory occurred in Alexandria, Egypt, on July 19, 2000. This 6-story building was built of reinforced concrete, and its fire started at about 9 a.m. in the storage room at the ground floor. Fire extinguishers were nonfunctional, and the fire spread quickly before the firefighters could arrive. An electrical short-circuit accelerated the fire spread. At about 6 p.m., nine hours after the start of the fire, when the blaze seemingly was under control and subsiding, the building suddenly collapsed, killing 27 people. Figure 3 shows a photograph of this collapse.

As you can see, the statement that no steel-framed building ever collapsed due to fire before 9-11 is a blatant lie that the 9-11 “Truth” Movement should be ashamed of.

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