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This was borrowed from a friend of mine, JMCleod:

If you haven’t heard, the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) staged another “protest” last weekend, this one was in Jacksonville, NC, and targeted the Marines at Camp Lejeune.

Our son-in-law is stationed there – he’s currently deployed in support of OIF. We went down, with Nikki, and stayed with our daughter and grandbaby, Savannah (aka “Nachos”).

WBC had 5 protestors, and the road that they stood on ended up being barricaded by the city police so it didn’t get much traffic at all. About 40 folks stood on private property nearby, in opposition to the WBC (who was standing on American flags).

Two separate rallys were held to show support for the troops, the WBC was on-scene for less than an hour. Both pro-troop rallies lasted for 3 hours – we had 150-200 at ours, which was organized by the Gathering of Eagles, Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard Riders, and the Leathernecks MC.

Even though they were forbidden to get involved due to a standing order by the Commandant of Camp Lejeune, many Marines drove by and showed their appreciation, a number of them walked down the sidewalk shaking our hands, and they even had coffee, donuts, and pizza delivered to us!

  • Four 3×5′ American Flags and poles – $51.80
  • Cost of gas to visit Camp Lejeune and return home – $101.91
  • Value of standing with Joyce, Megan, Savannah, Nikki, and other Americans in the cold rain for three hours in support of the troops and outnumbering the Westboro Baptist Church 50 to 1 – PRICELESS!!!!


Posted January 31, 2008 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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