Madrid Windsor Fire vs WTC

Here is yet more evidence that the 9-11 “Truth” movement tends to compare apples to oranges; they often compare the Madrid Windsor fire to the World Trade Center. The following quote from here, shows the “truther” claim: “The [Madrid] Windsor Building was of a similar truss design to the twin towers, the fire started 11 stories from the top of the building, and it burned at temperatures of 800ºC for more than 18 hours [AFP]. The core of the building did not fail.

The fire in WTC 1 is reported to have burned at 800ºC and was located roughly 17 stories from the top of the building meaning the inner core supported only 6 additional floors of weight above the fire zone in comparison to the Windsor Building. WTC 1 collapsed after only 85 minutes, reportedly through core failure.

Don’t you find this odd?”

However, if you scroll further down the page here, you’ll see that, as usual, the 9-11 “Truth” Movement is ignoring a few facts.

Here are the facts about the Madrid Windsor tower that the “truthers” don’t mention: 1) No planes flew into it, meaning there was no structural damage prior to the outbreak of the fire, 2) The Madrid Windsor tower was only 32 stories, while the Twin Towers were 110 stories, and 3) Despite the “truther” claim to the contrary, the Madrid Windsor Tower had a DIFFERENT design than the WTC.

While the twin towers relied on steel frames for the core, the Madrid Windsor tower had a CONCRETE core and frame supporting the first 16 floors, with a central support system of CONCRETE columns, supporting CONCRETE floors with steel perimeter columns. Furthermore, the Madrid Windsor building had two technical floors for added strength- one just above the ground floor, and the other at the 17th floor. Oh, and both the technical floors were made of CONCRETE (see here).

As for the steel that WAS in the Madrid Windsor tower, if you refer to the above link, you’ll see that that steel did indeed fail- and that was WITHOUT planes crashing into it.

In point of fact, as this points out, it was the design difference that kept the Madrid Windsor tower from collapsing, and is currently considered being used in the U.S. for future tall buildings.

In short, the only thing the 9-11 “Truth” Movement has managed to prove is that steel columns will fail in a severe fire and concrete is better able to resist fire, something that even a third-grader knows. (Refer to this).


Posted February 8, 2008 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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