"Truthers" Lack Reading Comprehension Skills

      Recently, FHK received an E-mail from a “truther” regarding my article titled “Progressive Collapses that Occurred Prior to 9-11,” and more specifically regarding L’Ambiance Plaza.

     Here is what that “truther” had to say:

So I came across your post on L’Ambience Plaza, but it doesn’t really speak to the 9/11 events, I don’t think. The best 9/11 ‘truther’ site I’ve found is Jim Hoffman’s, which you’re probably familiar with, and he in fact has a page about L’Ambience Plaza. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Jim’s conclusion is that L’AP and WTC1+2 are apples and oranges for several reasons.

     As for this portion of the “truthers” E-mail, “… I don’t think,” that’s the only thing he got right.  “Truthers” don’t think.

     Furthermore, I would strongly suggest said “truther” go reread that article again, specifically this quote: “Granted, the design wasn’t the same…” My source  admitted the same thing.  In short, unlike “truther” sites, the debunkers admit when something isn’t quite the same.  It would appear that the “truther” in question needs to brush up on his reading comprehension skills, as he obviously only bothered reading the portions that suited his agenda, rather than the entire thing. Of course, the “truthers” generally aren’t much for letting a little thing like facts get in their way.

     Oh, and Jim Hoffman is a SOFTWARE engineer (see here). As usual, the “experts” that “truthers” use aren’t experts in the required areas to be credible.  Hint: Software engineers aren’t qualified in the areas of structural engineering, or analysis of building collapses.

     I again suggest the “truther” in question go here and read this quote: “One floor slab falls onto another, which can’t take the weight and collapses onto the next, which can’t take the weight, and… Any of this sounding familiar? “This is EXACTLY what happened when the towers collapsed.  In short the fact that the circumstances and designs were different does NOT change the FACT that the end result was the same.

     As for “truthers” saying that their debunkers are comparing apples to oranges, my response is this: pot, meet kettle. “Truthers” are notorious for comparing apples to oranges as I pointed out here ( source), here ( references here and here ), plus the fact that they neglect to take into account the fact that the WTC and Pentagon had totally different designs as well, confirmed here ( source).

            It seems to me that the “truthers” may want to consider seeing a proctologist as they clearly have a rather bad case of rectal-cranial inversion.


Posted February 15, 2008 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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