Debunking David Ray Griffin

      David Ray Griffin, who is a THEOLOGIAN, insists that the twin towers were brought down by controlled demolition.

     However, as Ryan Mackey points out in ” On Debunking 911 Debunking,” which can be found here, and downloaded in either PDF or word format, David Ray Griffin’s understanding of physics is questionable, to say the least. Unless otherwise indicated, any information in this article is from “On Debunking 911 Debunking.” 

     Granted, as Ryan Mackey himself admits, his paper only deals with the third chapter of Griffin’s book, “Debunking 911 Debunking,” but Ryan Mackey does raise an excellent point in the introduction of his paper:  If he was able to find enough errors in just ONE chapter of David Ray Griffin’s book to write a 100+ page paper, just how many errors are there in the rest of the book?

     On page 17, Ryan Mackey points out an error of Griffins regarding the fireproofing.  Ryan Mackey correctly states that the fireproofing above and below the impact floors is irrelevant as once the steel in the impact zone was sufficiently weakened to the point where they could no longer support the floors above them, the towers were going to come down.

     On page 19, Ryan Mackey states that Griffin and one of his sources insist there was no energy to dislodge the fireproofing on the impact floors.  This, of course, is ridiculous; what was the kinetic energy from the planes- chopped liver? Third grade physics tells you that once the planes hit, that energy had to go somewhere.

     On page 20, Mackey shows us that Griffin’s statement that “steel’s an excellent conductor of heat” is false.

     Finally, on page 44, Ryan Mackey points out an obvious flaw with Griffin’s statement that after falling only one story, the upper 16 floors of WTC 1 would have very little velocity and momentum- the problem is DRG fails to account acceleration due to gravity, which, for the earth, is 9.8 m/s².  This quote from page 45 of Ryan Mackey’s paper “On Debunking 911 Debunking” shows the correct physics:

In the progressive collapse hypothesis, the momentum of the descending mass increases because its mass increases and its velocity increases. Despite Dr. Griffin’s claim above, this does not violate conservation of momentum. Whenever the falling mass encounters a new floor and fractures more of the structure, it does decelerate briefly as it accelerates the new floor to match its speed. However, it does not come to a halt. The first floor hit has less than a tenth of the mass of the descending material, and thus the new combination decelerates by under 10%, according to the law of Conservation of Momentum. Afterwards, the descending mass gains about 8.5 meters per second, and does so at every floor. Over time, the fraction of new mass being accelerated becomes smaller and smaller compared to the descending mass, but the velocity gain from gravity is constant per floor. As a result, the descending mass gains both mass and speed.


Posted February 25, 2008 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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