More Lies from Steven Jones

      Conspiracy theorists consider Steven Jones to be credible given the fact that he’s a scientist.  However, as we see here, Steven Jones is, in point of fact, a LIAR.

     One need only look at the slides from Steven Jones presented at the aforementioned site, and this quote from WTC pages, run by Mark Roberts, reminds us of a very important detail: “Keep two things in mind here: Jones is a scientist who surely must know how the scientific method works, and Jones presents this as being representative of WTC 7’s condition.”

     Now, take a look at that the first slide this link shows- taken from a 2006 presentation by Steven Jones e at Utah Valley State College.  The slide says that there wasn’t much smoke and damage, and furthermore, at the top of the slide, it claims to have been a picture of WTC 7 on the afternoon of September 11, 2001.

     However, as this source points out, the photo on the slide was NOT taken in the afternoon, but  in the morning of 9/11/01 (see here).

     As for how WTC7lies.googlepages  knows the photo was taken in the morning, the answers quite obvious: They can tell by the angle of the sun on the east and south face of WTC 7 in the picture. This quote from here says it all: “How can we tell it’s a morning shot? The sun is strong on WTC 7’s east face, and the south face is in shadow. Debris from tower 2 is at left, WTC 4 is at center, and WTC 5 is at right.”  In short, we have already caught Steven Jones distorting the facts.

     In addition, if you go to this source, you’ll see that in the afternoon of  9/11/01, eyewitness accounts, video, and photographic evidence indicate that there were flames visible on 16 to 17 floors(Source). Hint to 911 “Truth” Movement: that means that about 35% or just over 1/4 of WTC 7 was on fire as it was a 47-story building. That’s hardly a small fire.

     Now if you go a bit farther down the page here, you’ll see a second slide that Steven Jones uses in to prove his assertions. Look at the building in with the red border in the slide.  Yes, that’ WTC 7, it’ in the late afternoon, and you don’t see any damage to that side of WTC 7.  There’s just one tiny little problem: that’s the NORTH side of WTC 7= it was the SOUTH side that was damaged by the debris and had a big gaping hole in it (source).

     The three pictures found just below the 2nd slide Steven Jones uses show the SOUTH side of WTC 7, and, as you see, there’s quite a bit of smoke, indicating a massive fire (source).

     Steven Jones may be a physicist, but it’s quite obvious that he’s also a liar and purposely distorted the facts. 


Posted March 1, 2008 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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