Rebuttal to "Steel-framed Buildings" critic

      About two weeks ago, FHK received an E-mail from a “truther” regarding my Jan 25, 2008 article on steel-framed buildings.  The “truther” in question stated that none of those collapses were complete collapses and that “he didn’t expect us to correct the lies.”

     Here are a few facts for that particular “truther,” although “truthers” generally aren’t much for letting facts get in their way.  Go to the article in question double-check the Kader Toy Factory fire and the textile factory fire in Egypt (source).

     Just to help out said “truther,” I have a couple of quotes for you.  The first quote is regarding the Kader Toy Factory fire, found here  (emphasis is mine):

Building One collapsed COMPLETELY at approximately 5:14 p.m. Fanned by strong winds blowing toward the north, the blaze spread quickly into Buildings Two and Three before the fire brigade could effectively defend them. Building Two reportedly collapsed at 5:30 p.m., and Building Three at 6:05 p.m.”

If you look more carefully here, you’ll see that the January 1997 collapse of the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster County, Pa due to fire was ALSO a complete collapse.

     Finally, I suggest that the “truther” in question reread the article from about the textile factory collapse in Egypt on July 19, 2000, particularly this quote from said article  ( again, emphasis is mine): “A fire-initiated FULL collapse of a textile factory occurred in Alexandria, Egypt, on July 19, 2000.”  Hint: FULL is a SYNONYM for COMPLETE.

     Oh, and in response to said “truthers” statement that you “don’t expect me to correct the lies,” I have news for you; I did correct the lies. Specifically, I corrected YOUR (meaning the 911 “TRUTH” MOVEMENT’S) lies.  In short, that “truthers” E-mail, like most statements from “truthers,” is just a big load of, shall we say, bovine droppings.


Posted March 7, 2008 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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