More Lies From Steven Jones Continued

      Steven Jones has been caught in some more lies, or, at the very least, not telling the entire truth.

     As we see here, Steven Jones states that “I understand that models of the steel-frame WTC buildings at Underwriters Laboratories subjected to intense fires did NOT collapse.”  While this is technically  true, Steven Jones neglects to mention one little detail: The steel trusses tested by the NIST at UL HAD FIREPROOFING on them- the steel columns in the impact zones of the Twin Towers did not as impact of the airliners dislodged said fireproofing. (Source).

     Steven Jones further claims that no steel-frame building before or after September 11, 2001 has collapsed due to fire (reference).  Of course, this is, once again, a lie.  

     As I pointed out in my Jan 25, 2008 article, we have the Kader Toy Factory Fire in Thailand on May 10, 1993, resulting in the COMPLETE collapse of Buildings 1, 2, and 3, the  January 1997 collapse of the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania DUE TO FIRE (source),  and a FULL collapse of a textile factory in Alexandria, Egypt on July 19,2000 due  to fire (reference).

     As for steel-framed buildings that collapsed after 911, Screwloosechange provides the Enigma Business Park Fire as an example. The Enigma Business Park Fire occurred on November 6, 2006 and the factory, which was a TOILET PAPER factory was “completely gutted” (source).  We also have this quote from here (emphasis is mine):

A spokesman for the fire service said the blaze had resulted in a black smoke cloud which could be seen for miles. He added: ‘Intense heat buckled the steel girders holding the roof.’ Now if toilet paper can do that, you can be bloody sure those aircraft did far worse.

     We have this quote from Steven Jones as well:

Squibs (horizontal puffs of smoke and debris) are observed emerging from WTC-7, in regular sequence,
just as the building starts to collapse” (reference).

Apparently, nobody told him that another member of the 911 “Truth” Movement, architect Richard Gage, admitted THERE WERE NO SQUIBS (source).  

     Jones  repeats his thermite claim here, which has been so thoroughly debunked it’s not even funny. correctly points out there were other sources of the so-called thermite residue and that destruction of 250 floors of office buildings and fires burning for months just might result in the production of various chemicals.  Before anyone brings up the U-Tube video found here regarding Steven Jones’s WTC dust analysis, let me point out two things: 1) Note the red color; if the iron has a red color, that means it’s RUSTY, and 2)  one basic fact about chemistry: iron is a metal (one of many metals used in the construction of the WTC) and heat, which the fires would have provided, tends to oxidize metals., So, we have iron + oxygen + heat resulting in ferric oxide, which is also called iron (III) oxide, or, in layman’s terms, rust.  Clearly, Steven Jones needs to brush up on his chemistry.


Posted March 17, 2008 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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