Real Facts about Flight 93


Conspiracy theorists use the call from Edward Felt on Flight 93 to prove their point, claiming he was calling from the bathroom and said he heard an explosion and saw white smoke. However, the only thing they got right is that Mr. Felt was calling from the bathroom- the dispatcher who took the call and Felt’s younger brother Gordon say there was no mention of an explosion or white smoke ( source).

While there were two planes in the vicinity of Flight 93 when it crashed, they had nothing to do with the crash (reference).

One plane was a C-130 cargo plane that was about 25 miles from Flight 93 when it went down ( source).

The C-130 in question also happened to see the attack on the Pentagon, as this quote from here indicates: “Steve O’Brien, the aircraft commander, who spotted an airplane at his 10 o’clock position. The aircraft was American Airlines Flight 77 that hijackers crashed into the Pentagon.

‘When I first saw the aircraft it was moving fast and that’s when air traffic control called and asked, ‘Do you see an airplane, can you tell me what kind it is,’ and then asked for us to follow it,” said O’Brien. “Never in 20 years of flying was I asked to follow a commercial airliner.”

A few minutes later, O’Brien and his crew witnessed the nation under attack without realizing it. “We saw a fireball on the ground from jet fuel exploding and then saw the silhouette of the Pentagon through the haze of smoke,” said O’Brien’.”

A short time later, air traffic control again contacted the C-130 crew and asked them to locate Flight 93 and they did indeed see the smoke coming from a field to the aircraft’s left (source).

The other aircraft in the vicinity of Flight 93’s crash site was a Daussalt Falcon 20 business jet, NOT a Fairchild Falcon 20; there’s no such thing as the latter ( See here and here). Hint to 9-11 “Truth” Movement: That means it was a PRIVATELY OWNED jet and PRIVATE PLANES DON’T HAVE WEAPONS. The private jet in question belonged to VF Corp and was instructed to help rescuers at the crash site by flying low and obtaining the coordinates for the crash. The Daussault Falcon 20 was the “white jet” in question (reference).

Loose Change provides a quote from a Susan Mcelwain claiming she saw the white jet fly 40-50 feet above her van but made no noise. ( source)

Internet Detectives points out the obvious problems with that statement via this quote: “For instance, how would a jet traveling at high speeds produce hardly any noise 40 or 50 feet away? How could someone think a small white jet had crashed and completely miss seeing a 757? What kind of military jet capable of shooting down a commercial plane is white and unmarked? ”

Debris was found both where the plane had crashed and up to 8 miles from the crash, which is not unusual considering the fact that Flight 93 was going 580 MPH ( see here) when it crashed ( papers and other light objects were carried that distance by the wind). However, searchers concentrated on the crater caused by the impact of Flight 93 (reference).

Oh, and despite the conspiracy theorists’ claim to the contrary, the voice recorder, a.k.a. the black box, for Flight 93 WAS found and disproves the 9-11 ” Truth” Movement’s claims (reference).


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