David Ray Griffin Lies about Airline Cell Phone Usage

On April 1, 2008, David Ray Griffin published an article in Globalresearch.ca about cell phone usage on planes.

As usual, it is full of blatant lies and half-truths.

First, we have this quote from the article in question: “Olson began this process of undermining by means of self-contradictions. He first told CNN, as we have seen, that his wife had “called him twice on a cell phone.” But he contradicted this claim on September 14, telling Hannity and Colmes that she had reached him by calling the Department of Justice collect. Therefore, she must have been using the “airplane phone,” he surmised, because “she somehow didn’t have access to her credit cards.” However, this version of Olson’s story, besides contradicting his first version, was even self-contradictory, because a credit card is needed to activate a passenger-seat phone.

Later that same day, moreover, Olson told Larry King Live that the second call from his wife suddenly went dead because “the signals from cell phones coming from airplanes don’t work that well.”

So, according to “truther” logic- an obvious oxymoron, Ted Olson should have been more concerned about how his wife got a hold of him from the plane than getting information about the hijackers!!!

This quote from David Ray Griffin’s article is a blatant lie: “The technology to enable cell phone calls from high-altitude airline flights was not created until 2004.”

The following quote from Slate.com  indicates the truth: “From this morning’s New York Times: “According to industry experts, it is possible to use cell phones with varying success during the ascent and descent of commercial airline flights, although the difficulty of maintaining a signal appears to increase as planes gain altitude. Some older phones, which have stronger transmitters and operate on analog networks, can be used at a maximum altitude of 10 miles, while phones on newer digital systems can work at altitudes of 5 to 6 miles. A typical airline cruising altitude would be 35,000 feet, or about 6.6 miles.”  Hint: Maintaining a signal at those altitudes being difficult is NOT the same as it being impossible.  Oh, and the article is from September 14, 2001 and 6.6 miles is at the outside range of the digital cell phones, plus some cell phones can switch back and forth between digital and analog.

Griffin also fails to take into account the fact that the hijackers had to fly lower than normal in order to see their targets.

There’s an obvious problem with this statement of David Ray Griffin’s: “In its report on American Flight 77, the FBI report attributed only one call to Barbara Olson and it was an “unconnected call,” which (of course) lasted “0 seconds.”

If the call was unconnected, how would the FBI know who made the call or that the call was ever made in the first place? Hint: If the call’s unconnected, that means it DIDN’T GO THROUGH!”

Last but not least, this quote from Griffin’s article is an outright lie: “Without the alleged calls from Barbara Olson, there is no evidence that Flight 77 returned to Washington.”           

David Ray Griffin ignores the fact that hundreds of eyewitnesses SAW flight 77 slam into the Pentagon.

This quote from Daylightatheism.org says it all: “However, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of witnesses saw a jumbo jet crash into the Pentagon; the scattered accounts of a smaller plane can easily be explained as mistakes, considering the brief time people had to witness such a shocking event. By contrast, no one has reported seeing a missile”

Daylightatheism.org also provides links to eyewitness accounts here, here, here, and here. Furthermore, said source reminds us that the plane went directly over I-395 in the middle of a traffic jam.

Hmm, now who should we believe- Griffin or the people who were actually there?

In short, David Ray Griffin’s arguments are full of more holes than Swiss cheese.


Posted April 4, 2008 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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