More Molten Steel Lies

“Truthers” insist that there was molten steel flowing from the 81st floor of the south tower. The picture on the right-hand side of the page here the picture conspiracy theorists use.

However, this could not possibly be further from the truth.

The plain simple fact of the matter is that the flowing material has NOT been identified without a doubt, but the expert opinion is that it was molten ALUMINUM mixed with other materials that came into contact with molten or extremely hot metal on the floor in question ( source).

Furthermore, as this source points out points out, the NIST conclusion was that the flow was caused by a puddle of molten aluminum from the Boeing 767 that hit the tower, combined with things such as furniture, gypsum from the drywall, etc. When the floors began tilting down, the puddle was provided with a method of flowing out.

11-SETTEMBRE also correctly points out a far more obvious reason it could not possibly be molten steel. The material flowed for several MINUTES from the SAME position but did NOT affect the steel support structure of the building face that was in DIRECT CONTACT with it (source). The following quote from here makes the point quite nicely:

It is quite obvious that the steel structure of the face would have been affected if the temperature of the molten flow had been close to the melting point of steel (approximately 1500 °C) but it would have had no trouble withstanding a molten light alloy at 600-650 °C, even if it had been superheated to approximately 800 °C.

In addition, there is anecdotal proof of molten metal in the WTC basements, which CT’s ASSUME was steel despite the fact that the molten metal was never tested, so we cannot possibly know what it is (source). Hint: Steel is NOT the only metal in the world. That and infrared spectrometer readings taken just after the collapse show temperatures near the surface of the debris piles as high as 1375º F, sufficient to melt aluminum (source).

This quote from here shows why conspiracy theorists are wrong about the molten metal being proof of controlled demolition:

The presence of molten metals is not an indication of planned demolition work. Explosives do not produce pools of molten metal, and incendiaries like thermite burn themselves out in seconds even in the absence of oxygen and would not be available for weeks as fuel.

A long-lasting source of fuel was available within the well-insulated piles: the contents of the buildings. According to a study by the U.C. Davis DELTA team, the tower collapses, as destructive as they were, expended less than 1% of the potential chemical energy that was stored in building contents, oil spills, and automobiles in the WTC parking garages.

Now, if you refer to the photos in this post, all of which came from wtc7lies, you will see more evidence that Steven Jones is cooking his evidence.

As this source points out, Steven Jones claims the first two photos are workers peering into the hot core. Hmm, now if the core was that hot, why would ANYONE peer into it? However, the picture on the left is actually ironworkers cutting metal with a torch at the base of one of the towers as evidenced by their distinctive helmets ( source), as well as the caption on the third photo from the site where Steven Jones found it.

As for the right-hand photo in the first pair, it does NOT show workers with their faces over a hole hot enough to melt steel; hint that would kill the workers (source). Furthermore, the color has been altered- it’s actually firefighters attempting a recue using a floodlight. The very last photo is how the photo is SUPPOSED to look, and wtc7lies.googlepages has this to say about the very last photo: “Here’s the photo as it is supposed to look, which can be verified by checking the “Here is New York” archives, or by viewing the large reproduction of this image that’s been on display at Ground Zero for many months.”

So much for that “peer review” of Steven Jones’s work- You’d think a trained scientist would know better.

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