"Truthers" Reality Check Bounced

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The 9-11 “Truth” Movement still insists that no plane hit the Twin Towers, or the south tower, in particular (source).

However, as we see here, the conspiracy theorists have yet to provide any reliable proof that it was NOT Flight 175 that hit the South Tower on 9-11-01.

In point of fact, Flight 175 was seen by NUMEROUS eyewitnesses and was recorded by many cameras- remember Flight 11 had hit the north tower 20 minutes earlier, so every camera in the area was obviously pointing at the Twin Towers (reference).

Let’s not forget the pod or “pregnant plane” claim by conspiracy theorists. This is the theory that since the object that hit the south tower had a bulge, it could not have been a commercial airliner. Apparently, the “truthers” have never bothered to look at the underside of a commercial plane. That bulge was, in point of fact, the wing faring, which connects the wings and fuselage and houses the landing gear. Furthermore, the lighting conditions- such as reflection of light off the plane’s fuselage- can make the plane appear “pregnant” ( reference).

The missile-firing plane is another common conspiracy theory due a bright spot that appears on many images at the point of impact. There is, however, an explanation that does not require a missile to be involved. Two possibilities are reflections of pieces of the fracturing plane and electrostatic effects of the impact ( source).

This quote from here explains the flashes quite well: “The most plausible explanation for the flashes we’ve seen is that the kinetic energy of the collisions vaporized a mix of materials, including steel and aluminum, which were rapidly oxidized by the pressure and heat of the 400+ mph collision. Perhaps the flashes are entirely explainable by the oxidation of aluminum.

This hypothesis explains the flashes much better than missile theories, because the flashes occur just as the densest parts of the aircraft start to penetrate the curtain wall. Von Kleist and other missile theorists state that the flashes occur before the plane hits the South Tower, ignoring that the fuselage enters the tower’s shadow just before impact. Close examination of the footage, noting the distance from the aircraft wings to its nose, shows that the flashes happen just as contact begins.”

The following quote, from this site gives an accurate summation of the physics and chemistry required to create said flashes: “The rapid metal-oxidation hypothesis also explains the brevity of the flashes. The flash caused by the fuselage is little more than a video frame in duration. That’s much too brief to be a conventional explosive, but it is consistent with impact-induced chemical reactions, because the high pressures leading to the vaporization and oxidation would tend to occur only on the leading edges of the aircraft as it contacts the building. ”

Last but not least, we have the “hologram” theory. This theory states that the approach of an aircraft was faked through an aerial hologram ( source). For one thing, the last time I checked, holograms didn’t make noise. In addition to seeing the planes, people HEARD them. That and we don’t have the technology to project a hologram into the air and enable it to be seen from many different perspectives in broad daylight ( source). Furthermore, every hologram I’ve ever seen has a tendency to flicker. The proponents of the hologram theory need to lay off the Star Trek, The Next Generation episodes. Hint: we don’t have holodecks.

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