Debunking AZ State Sen. Karen Johnson (Updated)

This is an analysis of a recent speech given by Az. State Senator Karen Johnson:


  • 14 sec: There HAS been an independent investigation, done by Popular Mechanics, Controlled Demolition Inc, Brent Blanchard, etc..
  • 42 sec: Collapse was NOT improbable but just what one expects from a building that suffers severe impact damage from planes, COMBINED with severe, unfought fires (reference).
  • 47 sec: It was NOT a supposed collapse- buildings DID collapse. Heat transfer takes time.
  • 1 min 23 sec: The 9-11 Truth Movement is less truthful than your average tabloid; Some of their “experts” are David Ray Griffin, a THEOLOGIAN, Jim Hoffman, a SOFTWARE enginee. The only real scientist is Steven Jones and even he’s been caught cooking the data (source).
  • 2 min, 19 sec: There is NO NEW EVIDENCE; all the 9-11 conspiracy nuts do is bring up the same baloney that’s already been debunked.
  • 2 min 27: If Bush really had been behind the attacks, the media would have been all over it like a Doberman in heat considering how liberal they are- the reason the mainstream media doesn’t bother with it is because even they know the 9-11 “Truth” Movement is lying.
  • 2 min 34 sec: Educator of what? Does Blair Gatsby have any expertise in controlled demolition or anything? What’s he a professor of?
  • 2 min, 44 sec: If thousands of people have been watching around the world on the Internet and such, why is this the first time I heard of it?
  • 3 min, 3 sec: Applause for 9-11 “Truth” Movement seems a bit sparse.
  • 3 min, 21 sec: If you’re so sure a crime was committed, why did Karen Johnson wait until last month. Why not speak out that day? Frankly, if the govt. was behind it (which it wasn’t), then waiting this long would make Sen. Johnson just as guilty as them for sitting on it so long.
  • 3 min, 33 seconds: Accuses media of being irrational towards her – seems to me it’s the other way around seeing as how the media was there on 9-11 and she wasn’t.
  • 3 min 47 sec: All the 9-11 Commission authors did is admit that they aren’t perfect and don’t know everything. Nothing suspicious about that.
  • 4 minutes: Sen Johnson claims the 9-11 Commission report only represents one theory – the theory that the damage from the plane and the fires caused the collapse. That’s NOT a theory; it’s FACT. The NIST itself said it was a combination of the impact damage, the dislodging of the fireproofing by said impact, and the severe unfought fires on multiple floors that brought down the towers (reference).
  • 4 min 20 sec: It’s kind of hard for pilots to transmit a hijacking code if they’ve been stabbed to death; furthermore, prior to 9-11, a hijacking merely meant a detour.
  • 4 min 26 sec: There are certain procedures that had to be followed before 9-11; it took time to go through the necessary steps, the first of which requires the Air Traffic Controllers to determine if there even is a problem (source).
  • 4 min 33 sec: Where’s the evidence that the military officers lied?
  • 4 min 43 sec: Of course the 9-11 Commissioners didn’t have that authority; their job was to INVESTIGATE, not prosecute.
  • 5 min, 56 seconds: Well of course steel beams are going to be flung outward from the building- they can’t go down, so they have to go out. Furthermore, that proves it was not controlled demolition as controlled demolition tries to avoid doing that. Again, refer to Brent Blachards 8/6/06 article (refer to one of my earlier articles).
  • 5 min, 39 sec: It has been proven time and time again that it was NOT explosives that brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7. David Ray Griffin, a THEOLOGIAN, is the biggest proponent of that theory, and Steven Jones’s area of expertise is in COLD FUSION – plus, Jones has been caught in lies (refer to one of my previous articles).
  • 6 min: Those clouds of dust were a result of increasing air pressure due to the collapsing towers. Again, the WTC was mostly air, and air is a gas. We have something called Boyle’s Law, which has to do with the behavior of gases and states that volume is inversely proportional to pressure (V = 1/P). If the building is collapsing, the volume is clearly decreasing. If the volume decreases, then, per Boyle’s Law, the pressure must increase and anything in the way gets shoved out. Furthermore, air flows from high pressure to low pressure, or “downhill.”
  • 6 min, 2 sec: Explosives don’t pulverize concrete, gravity does (source).
  • 6 min, 6 seconds: It didn’t pulverize itself into dust – there was LOTS of large debris found as well.
  • 6 min 14 sec: Sen Johnson says to imagine dropping a chunk of concrete 30 feet or more. However, each floor of the WTC had an area of 40,000 square feet, which is just shy of an acre. It seems to me that an acre of concrete is going to be a tad heavier than a chunk of concrete you can pick up. She fails to take mass into account (refer to a previous article).
  • 6 min, 50 sec: Under the right circumstance, a collapsing building (or anything else collapsing) can fling rather heavy objects. All it needs is sufficient force.
  • 6 min 59 sec: Yes, the building that’s collapsing “will blast its contents outwards in a massive cloud of dust, due to a little thing called air pressure” – refer to my statements at 6 minutes.
  • 7 min, 9 seconds: There were plenty of other sources for those “explosions,” such as elevator cars slamming into the bottom of the shaft, rivets popping, transformers, etc.. Furthermore, there was bowing before the collapse, indicating things were happening gradually; explosives are instantaneous. In addition, in a controlled demolition, all parts of the building collapse at the same time- this did NOT happen on 9-11-01 (see here and here).
  • 7 min, 20 sec: And who are the engineers, architects, etc she’s talking about? If they’re members of the 9-11 “Truth” Movement, they’ve already been proven to be liars time and time again.
  • 9 min 17 sec: The two major controlled demolition companies say the controlled demo theory is baloney.
  • 9 min 55 sec: There’s not much surprise about toxic residue as fires are hot, and heat is the catalyst for many chemical reactions- any chemistry book will tell you as much.

Like most conspiracy nuts, Sen. Johnson clearly needs to brush up on her chemistry and physics.

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