Even More " Truther" Stupidity

Here are some more examples of “truther” stupidity. It may take several articles to address all 10 of the “truthers” top 10 bonehead mistakes.

One is the admission of the subject being outside their area of expertise. As we see from a screen shot of the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth Web site, Richard Gage has admitted that- just look at the highlighted portion (source). Let’s not forget that Brent Blanchard (reference) and many other controlled demolitions expert say there was no controlled demolition (reference). Hmm, now who should we believe; the architect who admits the subject is outside his area of expertise or the controlled demolition experts who do controlled demolition for a living?

The second boneheaded mistake is using discredited sources. As we see here, Richard Gage uses Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Jim Hoffman, and David Ray Griffin. There are plenty of problems with these sources: David Ray Griffin is a THEOLOGIAN, Kevin Ryan is a chemist, and Jim Hoffman is a SOFTWARE engineer (source). NONE of them have any experience in the field of controlled demolition.

As for Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan, this quote from here says it all:

The closest are Steven Jones, a physicist, and Kevin Ryan, a chemist. Jones, once caught up in the cold fusion debacle, was released from his position at Brigham Young University once his stance on 9/11 conspiracies became an issue. He has not been able since to publish any of his scientific work supporting 9/11 theories in respected peer-reviewed journals, for his papers demonstrate a lack of attention to control and a leap to judgment. Ryan used his company’s email to question the import of tests done by it for NIST‘s report on the Towers. The tests were far outside his area of expertise, and his misrepresentations in the letter got him fired from UL.

The third mistake is their constantly changing features list, found here. Click on this link for the full article on that. As this quote here points out (emphasis mine),

The only foreknowledge demonstrated on 9/11 is an educated guess based on prior information. Richard Gage and company seems not to be able to believe that firefighting officials could observe the collapse of the South Tower and not realize that the North Tower and then 7 World Trade could fall in the same way.

The fourth mistake is a selective use of authorities. Gage and company claim NIST and FEMA are lying, yet they pick and choose selected slides from NIST and FEMA (source). Perhaps the 9-11 “Truth” Movement would care to explain how the official sources are lying when those of us who debunk the conspiracy theories use them but the exact same sources are accurate when “truthers” use them? Logic dictates that if the sources are lying when one side quotes them, they must be lying when the other side quotes them; conversely, if the sources are accurate when one side quotes them, they must be accurate when the other side quotes them as well. Hint: That means the sources are always false or always accurate regardless of which side quotes them, but the 911 “Truth” Movement wants it both ways.

The next six boneheaded mistakes will be addressed in my next article.

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