Even More "Truther" Stupidity 2

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First, read Even More “Truther” Stupidity

Here are the remaining 6 mistakes of the top 10 boneheaded mistakes made by the 911 “Truth” Movement (source).

Bonehead mistake number 5, as seen here is publishing the photos of the pancakes. The slide at this link is slide #119 and Gage states aluminum doesn’t rust, which means he assumes the metal in question is aluminum. As we see here, the fact that aluminum doesn’t rust is true: however, iron will not rust in those distinct horizontal bands either. This quote from here says it all:

His picture clearly shows about four layers of rust divided by a concrete-like substance. It is concrete, as well as all the other contents of the office floors, all compressed together.

Bonehead mistake 7 is misunderstanding the ARA contract (reference).

While it’s true that ARA was given a contract to do the modeling for floors 8-46 is true, there was nothing sinister about it, despite Gage’s claim to the contrary, found here. The fact is floors 8-46 are quite similar to each other and don’t contribute a lot to the big picture as to why WTC 7 collapsed. NIST did NOT outsource the entire analysis; NIST is concentrating on the more difficult problems by having ARA do the “grunt work.” The contract was merely to increase efficiency (source).

Bonehead mistake number 8 is the at or near freefall speed claim (source ).

This is one mistake that keeps getting more and more bizarre. In the first version, Gage says WTC 7 fell in 6.5 seconds. The problem is he only counted the time that WTC 7 was visible above the skyline of the other tall buildings surrounding it. He then changed the timing and referred to gravity as the constant accelerator, which is correct. However, Gage’s graph shows WTC 7’s collapse accelerating at 9.1 meters per second-squared. The thing is that, since acceleration due to gravity for the earth is 9.8 meters per second-squared, that means that the structure of WTC 7 was providing a decent amount of resistance. Then, in the third version, Gage goes back to the 6.5 second claim, while keeping the acceleration graph showing WTC 7’s collapse accelerating at 9.1 meters per second-squared. (reference).

Bonehead mistake 9 is the illegitimate comparison of flame- engulfed buildings (source).

These are the buildings Gage compares to the WTC collapse: the Aon Center in Los Angeles, known as the First Interstate Bank building, the East Tower of Caracas, Venezuela’s Parque Central, One New York Plaza, one block from the WTC site, which caught fire in August 1970, and One Meridian Plaza in Philadelphia (reference).

Of course, Gage leaves out some differences between these 4 buildings and WTC 7:

  1. In the case of the First Interstate Bank in LA, the fire was put out in 3 and a half hours, which is half the time WTC 7 was burning. That and the fire was contained to 4 ½ floors, while fires were reported on at least 13 floors in WTC 7
  2. the East Tower of Caracas, Venezuela’s Parque Central fire was held to five floors after starting on the 34th floor and even after the fire damaged the concrete macrofloor after some pump problems, the main structural supports survived as they were CONCRETE reinforced and on the outside of the building
  3. One New York Plaza’s fire was contained to 4 floors, and unlike the WTC, it had a CONCRETE reinforced floor
  4. One Meridian Plaza had a DIFFERENT design than the WTC, combined with the fact that it had a major fire suppression effort (source).

After referring to the chart here, you’ll see this quote from the same link drives the point home:

Look again at those five buildings. Only one of those buildings had multiple fires on different floors simultaneously. Only one had fires reported in the first ten floors of the building. Only one had no fire suppression effort during the entire burn, whether human or mechanical. Only one had severe structural damage from the very outset of the fire, hampering its ability to redistribute loads.

Only one was built over a Con Edison electrical substation, necessitating an odd cantilevered structure to transfer lateral loads into the core. Only one was reported to be leaning severely. Only one had a slowly growing deformation measured by firefighting officials, causing them to abandon the building. Only one happened during such an enormous emergency in which the attentions of first responders were drawn elsewhere by necessity.

Only one of these buildings fell down. Guess which building it was?”

Last but not least, bonehead mistake 10 is the mistaken use of “pyroclastic,” which has a very specific definition, found here:

A pyroclastic flow (also known as a pyroclastic density current) is a common and devastating result of some volcanic eruptions. The flows are fast-moving currents of hot gas and rock (collectively known as tephra), which travel away from the volcano at speeds generally greater than 80 km/h (50mph). The gas can reach temperatures of about 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,800 F). The flows normally hug the ground and travel downhill, or spread laterally under gravity. Their speed depends upon the density of the current, the volcanic output rate, and the gradient of the slope.

Hint: This means “pyroclastic flows” ONLY OCCUR IN A VOLCANIC ERUPTION. I’m pretty sure no volcanoes erupted on 9-11-01.

As usual, the 911 “Truth” Movement has no idea what it’s talking about.

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