No third jet at WTC

Some conspiracy theorists claim there was a third jet in the area on 9/11/01. However, as we see here, they are leaving out some details as usual.

This quote from here provides the “truther” claim: “In a document written on a conspiracy theory web site, the following passage can be found. No avoidance warning from Air Traffic Control would be necessary, as no rational commercial pilot (no matter how curious) would risk his aircraft, crew or passengers in a “fly-by” of the burning North Tower. But in this anonymous Camera Planet segment we see a large, twin-jet aircraft (757/767-class) doing just that at approximately 8:58am (assuming the time signature is uncorrected by one hour), five minutes before WTC2 will be struck. Even disregarding the indicated time, as WTC1 is burning and WTC2 is not, the segment is clearly recorded between 8:46am and 9:03am. Note this white aircraft with dark engines and vertical stabilizer is not the aircraft that will impact WTC2.” The above Web site also shows a picture from Cameraplanet just below that quote.

However, the Journal of Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories finds a few problems with this claim: 1) The video was taken at an angle of 10-15 degrees, 2) The photo was more than likely taken between 3 and 4 stories up, and 3) A zoom lens was used. Hint: Zoom lenses, and the angle of observation affect perception. also provides this quote from a conspiracy theorist: “According to the 9/11 Commission, two F-15s were scrambled from Otis Air Force Base at 8:52am (39 minutes after flight controllers lost contact with AA11), and were inbound to NYC at supersonic speed, presumably to intercept suspicious airliners. Presumably commercial flights in NY airspace would be alerted to this danger. Yet this aircraft cruises slowly near the stricken North Tower, seemingly unconcerned its behavior makes it a logical target for these fighters.

However, if you refer to this link, you’ll see that the jets weren’t scrambled until 8:52 am and the Cameraplanet video was taken at 8:58 am, while the first plane struck the north tower at 8:46 am. The “truther” in question neglects to mention the time that New York ordered no take-off and landings.

As we see here, New York ordered “ATC-zero,” which means no take-off’s and landings at 9:05 am, almost ten minutes AFTER the Cameraplanet video was taken.

Furthermore, there are tons of airliners in the sky on any given day (reference).

Also, if you scroll to the bottom of page 4 of this article, you’ll see some links it provides for real time air traffic radar for 4 airports in the general area where the hijacked planes took off. Click on the links and you will note that the planes go all over the place.

At the top of page 5 of this article, you see a picture showing that the airports are NOT that far from the WTC.

Since the hijackers had turned off the transponders, NEADS did NOT know Flight 11 had been hijacked until 9 minutes before it hit the south tower, and, since the fighters needed a target ( which was impossible to find as the transponders were off), the fighters remained in a holding pattern until after Flight 11 hit the south tower ( source).

This quote from here provides the truth about the 3rd aircraft: “ The mention of a ‘third aircraft’ was not a reference to American 77.There was confusion at that moment in the FAA. Two planes had struck the World Trade Center, and Boston Center had heard from FAA headquarters in Washington that American 11 was still airborne. We have been unable to identify the source of this mistaken FAA information.”

There is NOTHING suspicious about that- confusion is quite common after a major disaster. Only a complete idiot or a member of the 9-11 “Truth” Movement- oh, wait, there’s no difference between the two- would consider that suspicious.


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