Loose Change Fried 1

Conspiracy Theorists often use the conspiracy film “Loose Change” by Dylan Avery to prove their point. However, as we see here, any statement made by Loose Change ( or any other 911 Conspiracy nut, for that matter) can be used to fertilize a garden for the next century.

As we see at this site, about 6 minutes and 45 seconds into the 2nd edition of Loose Change, Loose change makes the usual claim that NORAD was conducting military exercises on 9/11/01. While this is technically true, what Loose Change neglects to mention is that prior to September 11, 2001, NORAD only handled threats from OUTSIDE U.S airspace. Hint: The four hijacked airliners on September 11 came from INSIDE U.S. borders.

The only exception is the Payne Stewart intercept in 1999, which “truthers” claim only took 20 minutes ( source). As usual, there’s a problem with the “truther” claim: The loss of communication with Payne Stewarts jet occurred at 9:33 am EASTERN time and the intercept occurred at 9:52 CENTRAL time. Hint: this means the intercept occurred just shy of ONE AND A HALF HOURS after contact was lost ( reference).

Furthermore, Loose Change makes the following statement, found here: “The second, “Northern Vigilance”, moved fighter jets to Canada and Alaska to fight off an imaginary Russian fleet.

This quote from here counters the “truther” claim: “Most people don’t know that NORAD is a joint U.S./Canadian organization. The normal force of fighters on alert to protect the country remained in place: 14 at 7 air bases.”

As we see here, at 7 minutes and 31 seconds, Loose Change makes this statement: “This left 14 fighter jets to protect the entire United States.”

However, they neglect to take into account the cuts in the military budget that occurred during the Clinton years. In addition, “On alert” and “combat-ready” are NOT the same thing. “On alert” means the planes and pilots are ready to go at a moment’s notice; “combat-ready” means the plane will be ready for combat sometime in the next 24 to 72 hours ( reference).

This source provides the following quote from Loose Change at 8 minutes and 31 seconds into the film: “TV Newsman Peter Jennings: ‘ This just in you are looking at obviously very disturbing live shot there. That is the World Trade Center and we have unconfirmed reports this morning that a plane had crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. ‘”

Based on the quote, it’s pretty obvious that Peter Jennings was reporting not too long after the first plane hit the WTC. Hint: If the attack just occurred mere moments before Jennings made the above statement, of course it’s going to be unconfirmed. Getting confirmation requires time and the considerable confusion after the attacks occurred is only natural.

At 9 minutes and 2 seconds, Loose Change misquotes Mark Birnbach ( source).

As we see here, Loose Change makes the following statement: ” I don’t know whether we’ve confirmed that this was an aircraft or to be more specific. Some people said they thought they saw a missile. ” Unidentified voiceover. There was definitely a blue logo, [it was] circular logo on the front of the plane.”

Anyone with halfway decent reading comprehension skills ( which automatically eliminates “truthers” can see the problem with the statement “ Some people said they THOUGHT they saw a missile.” Saying they THOUGHT they saw a missile is NOT the same as saying they saw a missile.

This link counters with the following quote “111-117: Unidentified voiceover & interviewer. We know from other sources that the interviewee is Marc Birnbach, a freelance photographer. The video doesn’t mention what Birnbach’s vantage point was, which would be good to know (see below).”

The next Loose Change claim, found here, states : “It definitely did not look like a commercial plane, I didn’t see any windows on the sides. “
“Mark, [sic] if that what you say is true those could be cargo planes? You said, you didn’t see any windows in the sides?”

However, if you scroll about three quarters of the way down the page here, you’ll see a photo of Flight 175 as it would look at about 1 mile away and they obtained said picture from here. Furthermore, my source accompanies said photo with this counterargument against the “truther” claims: “This is United N612UA, (flight 175) as it would look at approximately 1 mile.
Birnbach was over two miles away when he saw it. Source
Can you pick out the windows on airliner at 12,000 feet?”

This source also wonders how many planes you see doing 500 MPH at the airport?

Before someone points out that this is the 2nd edition of Loose Change, perhaps they can explain why Loose Change had to do at least three versions of the film, editing some stuff out as it was debunked?

Once again, we see that honesty is NOT a strong suit of “truthers.”

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