Loose Change Fried 3

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Here are some more lies from Loose Change 2nd edition, regarding the World Trade Center ( source).

This site starts off citing the typical “truther” quote abuse, a.k.a. quote mining regarding the explosions and controlled demolition. The 911 “Truth” Movement has yet to explain why they’re surprised that there were explosions in such a major disaster ( reference).

As we see here, there are plenty of other reasonable explanations for those explosions; what about the people who were in the towers when Flight 175 hit the south tower? It seems to me that a speeding plane slamming into a building just might make a rather loud sound. Let’s not forget about all the electrical systems, such as transformers, generators, etc. Remember, there was a major fire in the WTC and fires are HOT. Hint: electrical systems don’t like heat. It wouldn’t be the first time an electrical explosion occurred in a skyscraper ( source).

This quote by fire chief Donald Burns just after the 1993 WTC attack, found here validates the above explanation: “Usually, a report of an explosion in a high-rise indicates an electrical problem such as a large short or a transformer explosion. “

This site asks the CT’s just how approximate was their estimate of 10 seconds in the collapse of WTC 1 and 2. If you refer to my article Freefall Lies, you’ll find this quote from here exposing the dishonesty of “truthers” regarding the freefall claim: “Deceptive videos stop the timer of the fall at 10:09 when only the perimeter column hits the ground and not the building itself. If you notice, the building just finishes disappearing behind the debris cloud which is still about 40 stories high.”

Apparently, Loose Change thinks it’s suspicious that WTC 7 collapsed and the S.E.C. to keep 3000 to 4000 files about a lot of Wall Street Investigations there. However, as this source points out, the S.E.C. had their offices in WTC 7. Where else are they going to keep their files- on the moon? Oh, and it seems to me that they would have probably had the files backed up in other locations as well; even government agencies aren’t THAT incompetent.

In addition, Loose Change claims that all other buildings were intact and WTC 7 was the only one damaged. However, this is a lie- the surrounding buildings WERE severely damaged but, unlike WTC 7, they did NOT catch fire ( source)

Loose Change also claims WTC 7 fell into a little pile about 2-3 stories high. However, the pile was in point of fact about 12 stories high and had a radius of more than 150 meters, which is equal to about 492 feet ( source). That seems like a pretty big pile to me.

At 35 minutes and 30 seconds, Loose Change goes into the freefall lie again ( reference).

If you go to the box shown here just below the aforementioned time frame of the film, you’ll see more CT deception exposed.

Take a close look at both pictures in said box. The one from Loose Change ( on the left) vies the south tower from the south and as you can see, the uppermost floors- the ones ABOVE the impact- are hidden by smoke. It is a known fact that the upper 30 floors tilted to the south before the collapse of the south tower. The picture on the right is viewed from east-northeast and is easier to see ( source).

In point of fact, Loose Change started their timer two seconds AFTER the collapse began here, as this quote from here clearly indicates: “It appears in the still at 00:00 that the top of the south tower has begun to lean. Remember, there are 30 floors above the impact point, the equivalent of an entire very large office building. But this scene in LC starts at this exact instant: the tower is in motion at 00:01 (1/100th of a second into the scene). I wondered if the original video might show more of this scene prior to what “Loose Change” shows as 00:00.

Surprise! It does. Someone has edited the original video to make it appear that the collapse starts at their 00:00 timing. IN FACT, THE “LOOSE CHANGE” SCENE STARTS ABOUT 2 SECONDS AFTER THE COLLAPSE VISIBLY BEGINS IN THE ORIGINAL. That’s dishonest.”

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