Loose Change Fried 4

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Here are some more lies from Loose Change, 2nd edition, found here. Let’s go back to the Pentagon.

At 16 minutes and 23 seconds into the film, Loose Change claims that there was no trace of Flight 77. However, they ignore the fact that there was wreckage all over the place, both outside and inside the Pentagon, including the remains of the people aboard the plane ( source).

Before “truthers” say that the plane wreckage was planted there, explain how you are going to plant all that airplane wreckage there in the middle of rush hour when every single person would be looking at the Pentagon without anyone noticing? Do you think the Pentagon officials were just going to walk up to everyone on the freeway and politely ask them to look the other way? Perhaps the starship U.S.S. Enterprise beamed all the aircraft wreckage onto the Pentagon lawn?

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(picture from here)

Oh, and if you refer to the picture here immediately under the specified time frame, you’ll see the picture the 911 “Truth” Movement uses to “prove” there was no trace of the plane. The problem is that picture is obscured by smoke and firefighting chemicals, so it can’t prove squat.

At 16 minutes and 59 seconds, Loose Change makes the statement that the fire was hot enough to incinerate a jumbo jet, never mind the fact that NOBODY OTHER THAN “TRUTHERS” make this claim ( source).

At 17 minutes and 50 seconds, Loose Change states that a Boeing 757 has two titanium and steel alloy engines made by Pratt & Whitney. The trouble is that a Boeing 757’s engines are, in point of fact, Rolls Royce engines ( reference).

At the end of this time frame, Loose Change claims that there is no possible way that Flight 77 could have been vaporized. However, as this site correctly points out, that statement is a straw man for one simple reason: NO ONE SAID THE PLANE VAPORIZED!

Now, at 18 minutes and 30 seconds, Loose Change says the engines should have been found fairly intact at the Pentagon ( source). Hint: Flight 77 was doing FIVE HUNDRED MILES PER HOUR when it hit the Pentagon. Perhaps the CT’s would care to explain how a plane slamming into a reinforced concrete building at 500 MPH would remain intact? (reference) Hint: It’s physically impossible- of course, the “truthers” prefer Roadrunner physics to real world physics.

Oh, and at 18 minutes and 34 seconds, what Loose Change claims is an engine is, in point of fact, a PART of the engine, NOT the engine ( source).

As usual, we see that the “truthers” have rather selective research skills.

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