Loose Change Fried 5

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     It’s time to expose some more lies from Loose Change, revisiting the World Trade Center.

     At 31 minutes and 58 seconds, Loose Change compared the 1945 B-25 Empire State Building crash to the WTC on 9-11, and pointing out that the Empire State Building is still standing.  However, they neglect to mention the following details: 1) That fire was extinguished in 40 minutes, 2) The B-25 was lost in fog and was going slowly; the 767’s on 9-11 were SPEEDING, 3) The B-25 only hit one floor, the 767’s hit MULTIPLE FLOORS of the WTC, 4) The loaded weight of a B-25 is 33, 500 lbs, with a fuel capacity of 670 gallons and hit the Empire State Building at a speed of about 150 MPH, while the 767’s that slammed into the WTC weighed about 280,000 lbs, had over 10,000 gallons of fuel each and slammed into the Towers in the vicinity of 500 MPH, meaning they hit the Twin Towers with OVER 200 TIMES as much kinetic energy as the B-25 that hit the Empire State Building (source).

     Remember, as any physics book will tell you, kinetic energy is one-half the mass times the square of the velocity, written as KE = ½ mv2. Hint: This means if the velocity doubles, the kinetic energy QUADRUPLES.

     Oh, and let’s not forget that the WTC and Empire State Building had DIFFERENT DESIGNS.

     Next, under the same time frame, Loose Change compares the February 14, 1975 3 alarm fire to 9-11.  However, as this source points out, there are a few facts left out again: Only one floor had any major fire damage, firefighters were able to access the fire without difficulty, it was a 3-alarm fire, as opposed to a 12-alarm fire on 9-11, no speeding airliners hit it, meaning no structural damage to load-bearing columns and beams, the fire was not fueled by an accelerant, and the fireproofing had not been dislodged.

     Loose Change also uses the May 4, ’88 skyscraper fire in LA in a futile effort to prove their point, while ignoring the fact that that fire was fought the entire time ( reference).

     At 33 minutes and 5 seconds, Loose Change uses the Feb 12, 2005 Windsor Building fire in Madrid as “evidence” as well.  The problem is, once again, the Windsor Building had a DIFFERENT DESIGN than the WTC. Specifically, the core of the Windsor Building was concrete, as opposed to steel for the WTC- that and, again, no planes hit the Windsor Building (source).

     Now, as for the planes, at 34 minutes and 57 seconds, Loose Change claims that the second plane barely hit the southeast corner of the south tower, never mind the fact that, as we see here, the ENTIRE PLANE hit the south tower at over 500 MPH.

     Loose Change also claims the fact that the South Tower collapsed first, despite being hit second, proves the WTC collapse was controlled demolition ( source).

     This site, however, points out the REAL factors involved in the order of collapse and they are as follows: 1) The south tower was hit near a corner, as opposed to the north tower, which was hit nearly head-on; this probably caused more uneven forces in the south tower,  2) Flight 175 was going about 550 MPH when it hit the south tower, which was  FASTER than Flight 11’s velocity when it hit the north tower, resulting in a MUCH LARGER amount of kinetic energy- again, kinetic energy increases by the SQUARE of the velocity, which any physics book will tell you, 3) The south tower was hit lower down, meaning there was a lot more weight on the damaged areas, and 4) The fire proofing in the south tower was only half as thick as the fireproofing in the north tower.

     Oh, and this quote from here raises an excellent point: “interesting side note to CTists; if skyscrapers can’t be brought down by fire alone, why do they fireproof them?”

     Then again, “truthers” aren’t much for letting facts and logic get in their way.


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