Exposing "Truther" Lies 2

See Exposing “Truther” Lies.

Continuing from my previous article, here are some more lies told by “truthers,” found here.

Lie number four is that explosives were brought in during the power downs. However, as this site  points out, there are two problems with that: 1) it takes months to do a controlled demolition of much SMALLER buildings.  This link here  points out that the 2004 demolition of the DC convention center took months with large crews placing explosives on 500 or more columns- and said crews stuck out like a sore thumb.  In addition, the demolition of buildings 9 and 23 in Kodak Park in Rochester, New York involved a similar effort- and also involved the use of heavy equipment ( source).  This site  further points out that there’s no way anyone could pull that off without being noticed and there were people at the WTC 24/7.

The second problem is that there is no reliable source to confirm said power down ( reference).

The main source conspiracy theories use for their power-down theory is Scott Forbes ( source).

            Scott Forbes, however, worked in WTC 2, which is where the power down was- and it only occurred on the upper floors of ONE BUILDING.  Forbes is quoted as saying they  had regular fire drills but not an unusual number ( source). Hint: There’s nothing unusual- or suspicious- about fire drills. In addition, Forbes said he never even thought about WTC 1 ( reference).

            As we see here,  there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to place  explosives in THREE buildings during a 26-hour power down that only occurred on the upper floors of ONE building.

            Lie number 5 is that a fireman said there were only two small fires on the 78th floor of the south tower ( source).

            This link  provides the following facts:  1) The 78th floor was the lowest impact floor, 2) only a wingtip entered that floor, 3) The 78th floor was a sky lobby, so there wasn’t a whole lot of stuff to burn, 4) the floors above the 78th floor had a lot more combustible material.

            This site also points out that just because the fires on the 78th floor were small just before the collapse doesn’t mean there weren’t larger fires earlier.  The fire is going to follow the fuel ( by fuel, I mean anything combustible) and fire does have a tendency to climb due to the following physical FACTS: 1) Fire is hot and, 2) Heat rises.

            Once again, we see that members of the 911 “Truth” Movement need to cut back on that special egg nog.



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