Exposing "Truther" Lies 3

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     Here are yet more “truther” lies and/or misquotes, found here.

     Lie/misquote number 6 is that the Madrid and Caracas fires were longer, yet those buildings never collapsed (source).


     What the 911 “Truth” Movement neglects to mention is that those two buildings had a DIFFERENT design than the World Trade Center.  For one thing, neither one of those buildings were a “tube in a tube” design (reference).

     The REAL facts about the Madrid Windsor tower fire are here.

     Yes, said fire lasted for 26 hours.   However, what “truthers” don’t mention is that the first collapse occurred 2 ½ hours after the fire began.  As for why it did not collapse completely, that, of course, is because of the different design: The core and everything under the 17th floor was reinforced concrete (source ). The picture at the top of the page here shows the aftermath of the fire: It’s the reinforced concrete core that you see in said picture- the steel is gone because, just as in the case of the Twin Towers, it weakened and collapsed at the start of the fire. (source).

     Conspiracy theorists have recently started using the Parque Central fire in Caracas as well, but that is also different because: 1) unlike WTC 7, the fires began on the upper floors ( the WTC 7 fires started on the lower floors, and 2) Unlike the Twin Towers, this building did NOT have a tube-in-a-tube design. The columns were also designed differently (source).

     Oh, and one other difference- the fire in Caracas was aggressively fought for a period of time, the WTC fires weren’t (reference).


     Lie/ misquote 7 is that the Twin Towers were designed to withstand more than one aircraft impact (reference).

            Fact # 1: NIST NEVER said the impact destroyed the towers.

            Fact # 2: In point of fact, the towers DID survive the impact. It was a COMBINATON of impact, fire, and lack of fireproofing that caused the collapse (source).

     Obviously, the impact damaged many perimeter columns, and while it is true that the impact cut the aircraft to pieces, the fact remains that the speed- or more accurately, velocity- of the aircraft cut through the steel rather easily (source).   Hint: It’s not the collision itself that causes damage- it’s the energy released in the collision.

     Furthermore, not all of the jet fuel was released in the fireball on impact. In point of fact, eyewitnesses reported the jet fuel created curtains of fire as it poured down from the impact area. The jet fuel merely got the fires going.  NIST NEVER said the jet fuel brought down the buildings (reference).

     This quote from here makes the point quite nicely: “It was never the NIST’s contention that the jet fuel brought down the buildings as conspiracy theorists suggest. Conspiracy theorists use this as a straw man. They say the jet fuel couldn’t have bowed the columns and sagged trusses. Just as lighter fluid doesn’t cook your meat in a barbeque, the jet fuel didn’t sag the trusses or bow the columns. You also can’t leave this important factor out either. Conspiracy theorists say the columns couldn’t have bowed and the trusses couldn’t have sagged because the jet fuel wasn’t hot enough and was used up within about 15 minutes of impact. That’s like saying your meat didn’t cook in your barbeque because the lighter fluid burns too quickly. All the jet fuel did was act as lighter fluid and intensify the fire for about 15 minutes.”    

            As usual, “truthers” insist on using cartoon physics.


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