Exposing "Truther" lies 4

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It’s been a while, but it’s now time to expose a few more “truther” lies/misquotes found here.

Lie/Misquote number 8 is that Kevin Ryan, formerly of Underwriters Laboratory says the steel that didn’t fail in the towers was certified by UL (reference).

Here is the REAL truth: 1) Underwriters Laboratory does NOT certify steel; they certify assemblies, of which fireproofing on the steel was a part, 2) Kevin Ryan was a water tester and was NEVER involved with the collapse investigation, 3) Ryan was fired from UL for making false statements, 4) The steel assembly that had ½ inch fireproofing was only rated for 45 minutes, and 5) UL NEVER tested steel without fireproofing (source).

Lie/Misquote number 9 is that the lease owner had to remove asbestos from the towers, which would have cost a rather significant sum of money (reference).

However, as we see here , WTC 1 only had asbestos up to the 38th floor (encapsulated, I might add), and there was no asbestos whatsoever in WTC 2. Furthermore, as the previous link points out, one does NOT need to remove asbestos, only seal it with a spray-on sealer.

Lie number 10 is that the towers never reached full occupancy (reference).

As we see here, as of February of 2001, the WTC occupancy rate was 98%- and in January of 1997, Real-Estate Director Cherrie Nanning stated that 97 % occupancy would be considered full occupancy.

Lie number 11 is the “truther” claim that photos and videos of the bowed columns were a result of light refraction (source).

As usual. “truthers” ignore the basic laws of physics. Here are the real facts: 1) The many TV cameras in the area before the collapse- and after the airplane impact- were at numerous different angles. Since light refraction will change with the person who’s observing it, it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for every single camera to have shown the refraction in the same way regardless of angle (reference and source), 2) Videos only show bowing on one side of the building; if it had been heat, it would have been shown on ALL sides of the building, and 3) Every single piece of video evidence shows the columns being pulled in violently when the collapse began, meaning there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY for it to be refracted light (source)

Clearly, we have more Roadrunner Cartoon physics from the “truthers.”


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