Even More "Truther" Stupidity

Once again, it’s time to expose “truthers” for the liars and morons they are. I will focus on WTC 7, although I do have one question for Rosie O’Donnell and anyone who agrees with her claim that fire can’t melt steel: If fire can’t melt steel, then why do they fireproof it?

Anyway, going back to my 12/14/07 article, we have plenty of the REAL facts about the WTC 7 collapse.

While it is true that WTC 7 was NOT hit by a plane, it DID suffer impact damage. As we see from Brent Blanchard’s 8/8/06 Implosionworld.com article,WTC 7 was hit by debris from the collapsing North Tower and was hit by tons of debris falling from a fairly significant height, causing significant structural damage, combined with the fact that it caught fire.

            Furthermore, Loose Change claims that all the buildings around WTC 7 were undamaged, while WTC 7 collapsed into a little pile in 6 seconds. This is, of course, a lie. In point of fact, the nearby Verizon building was badly damaged by the collapsing north tower and Fiterman Hall suffered such severe damage that it had to be demolished. In addition, the collapse was NOT sudden and actually took about 18 seconds (source).

            Oh, and as we see here the fires in WTC 7 were NOT small and, as this site indicates, the damage to WTC 7 was NOT minimal- a 20-story hole in a 47-story building is pretty severe damage.

            As I pointed out in my last article, “truthers” have been comparing the 2/9/09 CCTV tower fire in Beijing to WTC 7, while ignoring these two details: 1) The fire in Beijing was fought (source), and 2) The CCTV tower did NOT suffer SEVERE  structural damage before catching fire, unlike WTC 7.

Last but not least, “truthers” like to use the famous “pull it “ quote in an effort to prove that Silverstein demolished WTC 7 deliberately.  Their “proof” is a quote taken from a 2002 PBS documentary, and the full quote is provided here from wtc7liesgooglepages: “’I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse.’”

Even  the 9/11 “Truth” Movement acknowledges that Silverstein was talking to the fire department ( reference).

This, of course, shows another problem with the “truther” claims. As we see here,  Silverstein had insured WTC 7 against terrorism, which given the history of the World Trade Center, was not surprising.  After the 1993 WTC bombing only a complete idiot, or a “truther”  ( oh, wait, there’s no difference between the two) would NOT have done so.

In addition, after the attacks, Silverstein filed a claim, which again, is not surprising ( source).

Getting back to the PBS interview and the 9/11 “Truth” Movements claim that Silverstein admitted to having WTC 7 demolished on national television, here’s a little hint for the 9/11 “Truth” Movement: If Silverstein had deliberately had WTC 7 demolished after taking out insurance, as you claim he did, that would be a little thing we call insurance fraud.    Why would ANYONE admit to insurance fraud on national television?  The dumbest person on the face of the earth wouldn’t be THAT stupid- heck, even “truthers” aren’t THAT dumb.





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