"Truthers" Repeat Same Old Lies

We have yet more “truther” lies found at this forum.

The forum starts with an excerpt claiming the usual thermitic materials lie by Steven Jones and others.   It’s not really that surprising to find iron oxide ( more specifically, iron (III) oxide), also known as rust , in an area that has been subjected to intense heat.  A post about ¾ of the way down the same page says something about thermite exploding. Hint: Thermite is NOT an explosive; it’s an INCINDIARY. In addition, every single element that supposedly “proves thermite can be accounted for as elements that are used in constructing a building ( source). In point of fact, silicon, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and other elements are from glass fibers, gypsum ( the drywall) accounts for calcium and sulfate, and so forth. Things like titanium, lead, etc can be explained by paint, and the organic carbon can be explained by paper, wallboard binder (reference).

The first post at this forum claims the WTC imploded. As we see here, the drop zone for the debirs implies OUTWARD motion.  In addition Brent Blanchard  points out, large amounts of debris was strewn all over the place for blocks around the WTC, meaning that the debris went OUT, not in.  Hint:  Outward motion is a result of an EXPLOSION. As for what caused it, as Brent Blanchard states, the WTC was mostly air, which is a gas.  I myself have pointed out a basic scientific principle called Boyle’s Law, which has to do with the behavior of gases. As any chemistry book will tell you, Boyles Law states that volume is inversely proportional to pressure, or V = 1/P ( sometimes written as P1V1 = P2V2).  Now, seeing as how the WTC was collapsing, the volume was clearly decreasing, and, per Boyles Law, if the volume decreases, the pressure has to increase, resulting in anything in the way being pushed out.

The 5th post here claims that NIST was reluctantly forced to admit to 2.25 seconds of freefall by a high school physics teacher.  This is an outright lie.  In point of fact, the NIST predicted a brief period of freefall for SOME of the exterior. The entire core failed first, and the exterior buckled as a result of being tall, slender, and unsupported.  This means very little energy is lost in mid-air, and resulting in the descent being at “free-fall speed,” or so close to it that we cannot tell from a video. In short, said high school physics teacher did not discover anything NIST didn’t already know.

Furthermore, as we see here, the east penthouse of World Trade Center 7 began collapsing about 8.2 seconds before the north wall started collapsing, which took at least another seven seconds, for a total of at least 15.2 seconds, meaning that the total collapse time is 40 percent slower than it would be had the collapse proceeded at free-fall speed for the entire time. Only mentioning the initial 2.25 seconds is an example of the typical dishonest “truther” tactic of quote mining.

The “truthers” may want to try a little something the rest of us call research and fact checking.



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