Lies of AE911Truth Exposed 2

More research at this site exposes yet more lies by the Architects and Engineers for 911Truth ( AE911Truth):

Go about three-quarters of the way down the page here,  and you’ll see the claims made by David Chandler, who is a high school physics teacher, NOT an architect or engineer.

This site provides this quote from David Chandler from here: “NIST has now officially accepted that WTC7 came down with the acceleration of gravity, but they still couch it as a phase in a 5.4 second interval they claim matches the 5.4 seconds required for their model to collapse 18 floors.”

However, like most CT’s, Chandler is being dishonest. 

As we see here, WTC 7 did NOT come down with the acceleration of gravity ( i.e., freefall)-  in point of fact it took 40% longer to collapse than it would have at freefall speed.

Furthermore, NIST went into more- and better- detail as they have more precise equipment than Chandler, and , yes, they did find a period of 2.25 seconds where WTC 7 fell at freefall speeds ( Hint: 2.25 seconds does not the entire event make). However, what Chandler and the rest of the “truthers” won’t tell you is that in those 5.4 seconds of the roofline’s collapse, there is a period both before and after the 2.25 seconds where there is a period of SIGNIFICANT resistance-  and Chandlers OWN MEASUREMENTS show EXACTLY THE SAME THING ( reference) Hint: If, as Chandler and other “truthers” claim, the NIST is lying, and Chandlers own numbers match the NIST, then, logically, Chandler would have to be lying as well.

As for the controlled demolition theory, Richard Gage, founder of AE911Truth often quotes Danny Jowenko, a Dutch expert on controlled demolition to “prove” controlled demolition ( source).

While it is true that Jowenko says WTC 7 was a controlled demolition,  and Gage is not misquoting Jowenko on WTC 7, there is one tiny little detail Gage doesn’t want you to know: Jowenko believes, correctly, that the Twin Towers came down on their own ( source).

Furthermore, as we see here, Jowenko is first shown a video of Silversteins “pull it” statement, which, of course, would logically affect his view of the WTC 7 collapse, then this site provides the interview with Jowenko in 3 videos.

Of course, if you go to the 4th video here, you’ll see the TRUTH about Silversteins “pull it” quote.

At about 25 seconds into the 4th video ( the one that Gage did NOT show Jowenko and is actually the SAME PBS Special “Truthers” like to use when misquoting Silverstein), you here Silverstein saying he got a call from the FIRE DEPARTMENT COMMANDER ( source ).

At about 46 seconds, we see the details “truthers” leave out- pull it in demolition means pulling the building away from another one with cables, and this video ( which also happens to be the same one Alex Jones uses) shows the heavy construction equipment getting ready to pull WTC 6 down with cables ( source).

Scroll down a little farther here, and you’ll see that Jowenko is only given select information.

This quote from here tells the truth: “Jowenko is then shown a video of the building falling. There is no indication whether he is shown the complete collapse or a video starting at the favorite cut-in spot favored by Gage and similar conspiracy theorists.

He is also shown a simple drawing of the building’s placement of core columns. He is given no information about the cantilevered section to the north, or the crucial transfer trusses in the area of column 79.

Other bits of information are given to him here and there, and the interviewer appears to have pages of the FEMA report on WTC 7 on the table. Close to the end, he’s shown the FEMA estimate of column damage. But Jowenko basically refers to the video, the Silverstein quote, and the column drawing during the interview. He certainly has never seen the Final Report from NIST on WTC 7.

Experts who have examined much more evidence than that presented to Jowenko have concluded that 7 World Trade fell due to damage to its unusual structure by thermal expansion of structural elements.”

In short, despite it’s name, The Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth are about as interested in the truth as OJ is in finding the real killers.

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