Exposing AE911Truth Lies 3

Okay, it’s time to call AE911Truth on their lies again.

As we see here, conspiracy theorists use reports of molten metal to prove that thermite/thermate was used.       

The photos “truthers” use as “evidence” of controlled demolition is found at this site.  They use the bright, liquid flow from the south tower window and “molten steel” below Ground Zero. 

In the case of the flow from the south tower window, while that may indeed be molten metal, it’s not necessarily steel. It COULD be aluminum. The source of the aluminum, would, of course, be the airplanes (reference).

The last time I checked, aluminum was indeed a metal.

If you will refer to the periodic table below, you will notice it’s color coded. All the elements in green, yellow or orange (the column at the far right of the periodic table) are the nonmetals. The elements in purple that form sort of a “stair-step” are metalloids, meaning they have properties of both metals and nonmetals, and all of the remaining elements are metals.

Periodic Table of Elements


Before “truthers” point out that molten aluminum looks nothing like what was flowing from the South Tower on 9/11 or refers me to either the video below, or  a Journalof911studies.com article by Wes Liffer, that indicates molten aluminum is silver in color, let me point out one little detail that conspiracy theorists ignore:  while generally speaking, molten aluminum is indeed silver in color, the aluminum seen in both the article and Youtube video is PURE aluminum.



The metal on 9/11/01 would have had all kinds of other stuff mixed in with the aluminum, and if you change the composition, the color will change. Oh, and if you will refer to this site, you will see that aircraft frames are made of an aluminum ALLOY.  Hint: An alloy is a MIXTURE of at least one metal and one or more other elements (source), meaning that even the aircraft frame is NOT pure aluminum.

Now, as I know some “truther” will attempt to point out that pure aluminum will not melt at those temperatures, remember two things:

  1. That applies to PURE aluminum.  If you mix aluminum – or any other element – with another element, compound, etc., you WILL change the melting and/or freezing point.  That’s why they put salt on the roads in areas where it snows during the winter – the salt lowers the freezing/melting point (source).
  2. As for the stuff from the south tower, “truthers” say that it was steel being cut by a cutter using thermite/thermate, never mind the fact that thermite/thermate does NOT explode (reference).

Hot SpotsFurthermore, if you refer back to here (shown to the right – click image to enlarge), you will see a slide in black that AE911Truth uses – and which they got from the U.S. Geological Survey, taken on 9/16/01.  Note the temperatures on the black slide: 1160º F or 626º C for WTC 1, 1340º F or 726º C for WTC 7, and 1377º F or 747º C.

WTC NYCGo directly below that slide, and you’ll see two more slides (copy to the left, click image to enlarge), which this site got from here.

As you can see, the photo on the right, which was taken a week later indicates quite a bit of cooling.  That and there was a rainstorm on 9/20/01, which probably also helped cool things down, in addition to clearing some of the dust and debris (reference).

Finally, as we see here, they did not really start to fight the fires until 9/28/01, seventeen days AFTER 9/11/01 (Hint: This means the cooling had NOTHING to do with the firefighting efforts, as we see at above link)

The reason they waited two weeks to start seriously fighting the fires is because, as per the instructions from city officials, the work at Ground Zero for those first two weeks was a rescue operation, clearly to allow for the possibility of survivors in the rubble. (source).       

As any potential survivors would have been trapped in the rubble, flooding the rubble with water would NOT be a good idea as that would have drowned any potential survivors (source ).

Running the risk of drowning any potential survivors that the firefighters were trying to rescue would have been counter-productive, to say the least.

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