Steel-Frame Buildings more susceptible to fire than "truthers" think

First, a sincere thanks to  FHK reader Jack Stone, who sent me this and a ton of other stuff to be used in the near future.           

Jack Stone sent me an article by William Sooy Smith  indicating that steel-frame buildings are far more susceptible to fire then “truthers” think.

As Smith points out, steel expands and contracts with a change of temperature, just like any other material as anyone who passed 3rd grade physics would know (source ).

In point of fact, the Manhattan Savings Bank building was destroyed by the heat generated from a fire in the building NEXT DOOR (reference).

Smith further points out that no fireproofing is adequate when exposed to a hot fire, and said fireproofing must be airtight.  Otherwise, the heat can get in between the fireproofing and the steel, which creates a rather obvious problem (source).

This quote from Smith’s article  explains it quite nicely: “The rate of expansion or contraction of iron and steel, which are practically the same, is one one-hundredth of an inch per ft. for a change of temperature of 100º. If a vertical post or column of iron or steel is 150 feet in height, the total expansion for a change of 100º in temperature will be one and one-half inches; and for a change of 1,000º (to red heat), fifteen inches; and this change frequently occurs during a fire.

While a column changes its length fifteen inches, the integument of stone, brick, or tile expands or contracts much less, and so a “war to the death” takes place between the component part of what we call “steel buildings.”

There may be steel buildings in which the fireproofing has been so well done that they will pass through an ordinary fire without such failure. But if the steel becomes even moderately heated its stiffness will be measurably diminished, and the strength of the upright members so reduced as to cause them to bend and yield. This is more likely to occur, as the horizontal beams and girders will at the same time expand (unequally from the different degrees of temperature) and throw the posts out of vertical and into buckling positions. This is the third difficulty.

It is as if a man were required to stand upright and take upon his shoulders all he could stand under, then take a strong dose of physic and have his knees pushed from under him. “

Inflexible materials such as concrete or brick would simply crack, however, steel, being more flexible won’t crack, but it will still become weakened, hampering its ability to support the load (source).

Simply put, steel-frame buildings such as the WTC are, in fact, fire traps. 

Of course, “truthers” go by the motto of “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”  Goebbels would be proud of the “truthers.”


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