Pictures that prove "Truthers" are full of Male Bovine Droppings

     Once again, my thanks to FHK reader Jack Stone for pointing me in the direction of this Web site.

     The first picture at this link  shows us the wheel hub from Flight 77 at the Pentagon.  “Truthers” hate this photo because it proves they’re lying about no visible debris seen at the Pentagon. Furthermore, as we see here, Dylan Avery, producer of Loose Change, compares the wheel hub of a 757 to the landing gear (in the 1st edition, anyway). Here’s a helpful hint:  The wheel hub is only PART of the landing gear.

            Internet Detectives  also provides a picture of the wheel hub from a 757 and a 757’s landing gear- oh, and they used the EXACT SAME PICTURES THAT AVERY USED!!!

     Dylan Avery also needs a math lesson, as the “logic” he uses to “prove” it was a military plane is that the landing gear had a larger radius to width ratio (source ). Any geometry book will tell you that ALL circular objects have a diameter that is double the radius.

     The 2nd picture at this site  “truthers” hate is the one showing the debris from the towers, specifically the north tower, hitting WTC 7.  Conspiracy theorists claim that the fire and debris could not have reached WTC and caused severe damage.  However, as we see from the 2nd picture at the aforementioned site, the debris cloud is, in point of fact, slamming into WTC 7, which is the brown building at the bottom-right hand corner.

      The 3rd picture CT’s hate, found here, is the one showing WTC 6 was SEVERELY damaged.  

     The reason “ truthers” hate this one is because they claim WTC 6, which was between the towers and WTC 7- only had minimal damage. However, they clearly need to take a closer look at the 3rd picture at this site: WTC 1 is on the middle- right, WTC 5 is on the top-middle, WTC 7 is slightly above the middle-left, and WTC 6 is between WTC 1 and 7.  Notice that the center of WTC 6 is gone, having collapsed.

     The 4th and 5th picture this site  provides are those of the SEVERE AND INTENSE fires that were clearly burning across a LARGE portion of the WTC.  You will note from said pictures that there is a lot of smoke and you can see the orange flames as well.

     The 6th photo conspiracy nuts hate, found here, is that of the plume of smoke from the crash of Flight 93, taken by a Mrs. McClatchey from her front porch.  This site  further points out that “truthers” have harassed and threatened her, which is a typical tactic of those who know they’ve been caught lying but don’t want to admit it-  it also shows that “truthers” are nothing more than bullies, and therefore cowards. Oh, and before “truthers” claim that an engine was found 8 miles away from a nearby lake, as a History Channel special last August pointed out, those are the DRIVING DIRECTIONS from MapQuest.  Hint: PLANES DON’T USE ROADS- the actual distance between the lake and the crash site is only THREE miles.

     The 7th photo that “truthers” hate, found at this site  is that of a seatbelt from Flight 93.   All the wreckage, which accounts for the WHOLE plane, with the exception of the black box, has been returned to the airlines, yet “truthers” claim all of the local residents airline workers, local police and emergency services, coroners, and air safety experts involved in the operation to recover the aircraft were in on it ( source ). Good luck getting that many people to maintain their silence-  you have a better chance of winning the lottery.

     Picture number 8 that “truthers hate, from here, is the one of the sagging floors in WTC 2.  The increase of heat cause the steel to weaken-  notice, that’s weaken, NOT melt- resulting in the buckling of the towers, the bowing of columns, and the eventual collapse.  However, “truthers” still insist it was brought down by explosives, while ignoring the fact that, due to the chemical composition of explosives, there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY they could have survived the impact and fires ( source ). Before some “truther” brings up the thermite/thermate lie,  thermate/thermite is NOT an explosive, it’s an INCENDIARY.

            The 9th photo that drives “truthers” nuts, located here  is that of workmen using cutting torches to cut up the beams AFTER THE COLLAPSE.  This is what “truthers” use in an effort to “prove” their “thermitic material” claim, while ignoring the fact that thermite is NEVER used in demolitions, only for cutting and welding ( source ).

     Last but not least, the 10th photo “truthers hate, found at this site, is that of the debris OUT-PACING the collapse.

     “Truthers” often claim the towers fell at free-fall speeds or faster than free-fall speeds ( reference ).  Falling faster than free-fall, without assistance, is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. The only way the towers could have fallen faster than free-fall speeds is if rocket engines had been attached to them.

     Furthermore, as this site points out, since the debris is clearly falling FASTER than the collapse, the collapse occurred well under free-fall speeds.


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