Absolute Proof No Controlled Demolition at WTC

     Once again, I have more REAL facts about the WTC collapse, proving there was NO CONTROLLED DEMOLITION WHATSOEVER on 9/11/01, provided by FHK reader Jack Stone.

     We’ll start with the North Tower.

     As we see here, Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League recalls hearing an “ eerie creaking sound” right before WTC 1 fell.  Hint to 9/11 “Truth” Movement:  Explosives do NOT make creaking sounds; they make a BOOM.  No boom = no explosives.

     Here is a timeline provided by this site: A FDNY Chief Officer feels WTC 1 move and decides the building is unsafe at 9:30 am, at 9:49 am, NYPD helicopters reported “large pieces” falling from WTC 2, at 10:07, NYPD aviation units state that WTC 1 may collapse ( the concave “bowing” of the steel columns, also proof that there were no explosives, was observed at 10:06 am) and at 10:20 am, said NYPD aviation units reported that WTC 1 was leaning to the south.

     Notice that this occurred over a period of FIFTY MINUTES ( and about 1 and 1/2 hours AFTER the planes hit).  Since when is fifty minutes  ( or 1 1/2 hours, for that matter) sudden? Again, this event was gradual; explosives are instantaneous.

     Architect Bob Shelton, who was IN the North Tower, heard the building making the same cracking noise that spaghetti noodles make when you break them in half before boiling them, and stated that it was a clear indication of structural failure (reference ).

     Here’s a quote from FDNY Firefighter Richard Banaciski, who was OUTSIDE WTC 1, found here: “So I was kind of looking around over there, up and down West Street and looking on Vesey and I just remember there was a police officer standing there and he just started saying, it’s starting to lean, it’s starting to lean. I remember looking up, looking at the second building and just seeing it starting to move.”

     FDNY Lieutenant Robert Bohack heard what he described as a “groan, like steel twisting,” just before WTC 1 came down (source ).  Again, explosives make a BOOM, that’s why they’re called explosives; they do NOT make a groaning sound.


     Let’s move on to the South Tower, which has similar but fewer accounts (reference ).

     This quote from here  shows the truth: “FDNY Battalion Chief Steve Grabher: ‘There was – somebody was insinuating that there had been a structural collapse and this is probably’ 15 to 30, 15 to 20 seconds before the building came down. I was hearing this. There was some collapse.” Considering the raging fires, it’s not inconceivable that the structural failure resulted in the interior collapsing first, then the outside- oh, and if you’ll notice the timing in the above quote, you’ll see that that is actually well BELOW freefall speed.

     Tommy Castaldi reported that the building was “swaying and shaking” and Jaede Barg stated that they heard the “sound of twisting metal” each time the building swayed (source ).


     Stanley Praimnath & Brian Clark described the sounds from WTC 2 before its collapse as “being like steel bending and creaking.” (source ). Again, a clear indication that there were NO explosives.

     Now, before some “truther” points out that Clark said, “ And we heard this boom, boom, boom, “ ( reference), remember one tiny little detail: Each floor of both of the Twin Towers had an area of  4,300,000 ft2 each- the 4,300,000 square-ft area is the total area of all 110  floors combined ( reference ).  So, divide the total area by 110, and you have an area about of 39,091 ft 2 (before some “truther” makes the obvious statement that the actual calculation is 39,090.9 square ft, it’s called rounding), which is just shy of an acre (go here  to obtain conversion).  One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that an acre of concrete slamming into the floor below it is probably going to be just a tad on the loud side.


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