FAA originally treated Flight 77 as Crash

     Once again thanks to FHK reader Jack Stone, here is yet another fact “truthers” won’t like. 

     As we see here, was originally treated as a CRASH, NOT a hijacking and this was BEFORE it hit the Pentagon.

     This site provides a timeline on pages 27 and 28. 

     Now, here is the timeline, located here.

     At about 20 minutes to 9 am ( all times are Eastern time), Flight 77 was going over West Virginia, and was handed to Indianapolis traffic control, who instructed Flight 77 to climb from 17,000 ft to 35,000 ft, and is believed to have reached 35,000 ft at about 8:54 am ( source ).

     At 8:50 am, the last communication between Flight 77 and Indianapolis occurred, which was a routine communication, acknowledged by Flight 77 (reference).

     Here is what occurred from 8:54 am to 8:56 am: 1) Flight 77 makes an unauthorized left turn, and drops SHARPLY from 35,000 ft, 2) The radar image and transponder for Flight 77 cut out SIMULTANEOUSLY, and 3) Flight77 disappears from the radar at the EXACT same time that the transponder cuts out, plus there was no radio contact ( source ).

     Now, if the air traffic controllers see a plane drop sharply, then suddenly lose the radar image and the transponder signal at the same time, of course they’ll think the plane crashed.

     Before any “truther” claims this is a lie, remember this was all RECORDED (source).

     In point of fact, nobody notified the FAA of a possible hijack of Flight 77 because Indianapolis ATC thought it had crashed and asked Search and Rescue and the West Virginia State police to look for a CRASHED aircraft, not to mention the fact that Flight 77 was going the in exactly the opposite direction that it was supposed to be going, meaning everyone was looking in the wrong place and the FAA HQ was informed of a possible crash at 9:24 am ( source ).

     The thing is, nobody found Flight 77 on radar again until between 9:25 am and 9:30 am, which is when Dulles Airport heading east at a high rate of speed with no transponder signal. At 9:33 am, Dulles informs both the White House and Reagan National Airport, the latter of which is closer to the city. 5 minutes later, at 9:38 am, Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon, a warning of only 5 minutes (source ).  5 minutes is hardly enough warning, unless of course “truthers” expect the buildings to suddenly jump out of the way- which wouldn’t surprise me considering the “truther” reliance on Warner Brother cartoon physics.

     Furthermore, NORAD was looking for Flight 11 north of DC (unaware that Flight 11 had hit one of the Twin Towers almost an hour earlier) because of the misinformation from the FAA (source )

     Just as an FYI for “truthers,” that does NOT prove a conspiracy.  Remember the Twin Towers had already been hit, so there was already a lot of confusion when Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.  Confusion is typical in a disaster.

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