If Ignorance is Bliss, 'Truthers' are in Paradise

     I have recently seen a “truther” I know of being unusually stupid- even for a “truther.”

     He asked why the passengers on flight 93 decided to kill themselves if they took over the plane. They did not decide to kill themselves.

            This site  provides a timeline for 9/11/01.

            You can see that  the hijackers arrived at the airports between 6:20 am and 7:48 am, Eastern time on 9/11, and, in the case of Flight 93, one of the hijackers, Ziad Jarrah, made a call to his girlfriend at about a quarter to seven on the morning of 9/11 and, looking at the context of his call, which was recalled by his girlfriend, you can see it was the type of call a person makes to their significant other when they know they won’t see them ever again ( source ).

                Just before 8 am, two passengers get off after the flight crew announces there will be a 5 minute delay in pushback, then, at 8:01, flight 93 taxis out to the runway only to be delayed for about 40 minutes due to a long line of planes waiting for it to take off in front of it- it didn’t take off until 8:42 am,  ( reference ).

                As an aside, since I know members of the 9/11 “Truth” Movement will attempt to point out that this site says that all pilots are trained to enter a code into the transponder that alerts air traffic controllers to a hijack situation, let’s not forget that the pilots were stabbed to death, which makes entering the code difficult, to say the least.

                Getting back to Flight 93, as we see from these quotes found here, NBC News and CNN- which lean so far left that any plane their reporters get on has 2 left-wings- stated, “  That delay would give passengers on Flight 93 the time to realize that this was a suicide mission and the chance to thwart it, “and the delay “likely saved the White House or the US Capitol from destruction,” respectively.

            As we see here, Flight 11 didn’t hit the North Tower until 8:46 am, 6 minutes AFTER Flight 93 took off. 

            Flight 175 took off around the same time that Flight 11 hit the North Tower and Flight 175 hit the South tower just after 9 am ( source).

            Flight 77 hit the Pentagon a little after 9:30 am ( source ).

            Flight 11 sent a routine message to air traffic control at about 20 after 9 that morning and did not receive the warning about possible hijackings until that time, which they also acknowledged; this was the final communication from Flight 93 before the hijacking occurred ( source ).

            At about 9:27, Tom Burnett, who is on Flight 93 called his wife on his cell phone and let her know his plane had been hijacked( and before “truthers” say cell phones don’t work on airplanes, that’s a lie; they have been known to work on airplanes from time to time, not to mention the fact that air phones, which have been around since well before 2001, are a TYPE OF CELL PHONE) , and at 9:28, air traffic controllers noticed Flight 93 was flying rather erratically, although they did not know at the time that it was Flight 93. Cleveland ATC also heard the sounds of a struggle at about this time ( reference ).

            As the first crash had occurred about 45 minutes earlier, Flight 93’s being delayed 40 minutes gave Todd Beamer and the other Flight 93 passengers plenty of time to talk with people on the ground via cell phones and air phones and realize what was happening. ( reference ). It’s obvious that they decided if they were going to die anyway, they’d rather go down fighting.

            Oh, and as we see here, the passengers of Flight 93 did NOT deliberately crash the plane;  they were fighting over the controls with the terrorists, which means nobody was flying the plane at the time.  If nobody’s flying the plane, it’s going to crash.

            The same “truther” I mentioned at the beginning of this article also thinks that people could have escaped during the roof if roof access hadn’t been blocked and that the buildings had “ rescue plan.” He thinks they could have been rescued by helicopters I have yet to see a multistory building that tells you to go to the roof in case of a fire- even your average two- to four story hotel tells you to go DOWN VIA THE STAIRS in case of fire.

            Oh, and helicopters use an internal combustion engine as well, and internal combustion engines don’t work when they’re clogged with smoke and debris as they require oxygen to function.

            His other “ proof” of a conspiracy is the statement that software was destroyed by the crash into the building and thinks there would have been a back-up system for the computers.

            Seeing as how a mere magnet can corrupt ( aka destroy) the software, logic dictates that a plane slamming into the building at over 500 PH will probably do some damage to the software as well-  that and you don’t back up the software; you back up the DATA THAT’S ON THE SOFTWARE.

            He also thinks the software couldn’t have been destroyed because it was on the 22nd floor, well below the impact point.  I guess he forgot about the fact that the towers collapsed.  I seriously doubt that tons of construction material slamming into the software is good for it.

            He also states that the system could have been restarted by a code, never mind the fact that codes have nothing to do with the software system.  That and since the planes knocked out the power, entering codes wouldn’t do a whole lot of good.  This is akin to the old joke, “ If you can’t access E-mail, then send E-mail tech services.”

            The “truther” is thinking about the code/cards that a lot of hotels use as keys to the rooms nowadays, which needs to be connected directly to a central system ( source ). If the system is down, the key card won’t work.

                On a different note,  there are some pager messages from 9/11 ( hat tip to Orion for giving me the link) found here  that some “truthers” are trying to use as their “proof” of a conspiracy.

                In a situation like that, it’s not surprising to have people trying to reach their friends and families- and based on the context of the messages, they were sent AFTER the planes crashed and therefore, cannot be proof of foreknowledge or a conspiracy.         At least one of the messages is simply telling someone not to take a certain way to work because the WTC is on fire ( reference) – there’s nothing sinister about that.

                Clearly, the “truthers” have had a little too much of that “Christmas cheer” already.


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