Exposing more "Truther" Lies about Flight 93

It’s once again time to confuse “truthers with facts.

One conspiracy theory “truthers” use to attempt to “prove” their point is that voice-morphing technology was used to fake the calls from the Flight 93 passengers (source ).

However, as we see here, George Papcun, who invented Voice Morphing Technology, points out the problems with that statement, which are as follows: 1: He would have needed extensive samples of voices to fake those phone calls and there’s no way he could have done that as he couldn’t possible know which of the passengers would call home (  plus there’s also the possibility of people cancelling their reservations or otherwise changing their plans), and 2) He could not possibly know what those people would say in that situation, pet names, references to offspring, etc.

This site also provides other problems with “truther” claims about Flight 93.

The Associated Press story that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland was, in point of fact a mistake, and a retraction was printed shortly thereafter.  Liz Foreman, who is linked to the article, stated that they removed the link but forgot to remove the story (source ). Considering the confusion that tends to result in those situations, there’s nothing suspicious or sinister about that- it’s called human error.

This link also shows the problems with the 9/11 “Truth” Movement’s claims that Flight 93 was shot down and debris was found miles from the crash site.

As I pointed out in an earlier article, there was a white jet, a Dassault Falcon 20 in the area, which was asked by the FAA to investigate the crash site and did so-  that jet came down to 1500 ft, saw the hole in the ground, pinpointed it, and left ( reference ). There was also an unarmed C- 130 cargo plane on the way back to Minnesota, but it was 17 miles away and never went below 24,000 feet (source ).

Also, one of the engine fans was recovered about 300 yards from the crash site, which isn’t that far, and Michael K. Hynes, who is an airline accident expert states that it’s fairly common for an engine in a plane crash to “ tumble across the ground” (reference ).

An NSTB study shows that during the last 10 minutes, Flight 93 was under 12, 000 ft.  In addition, Ed Felt called and said he saw white smoke at about 9:58 am, and Flight 93 was at 5000 ft at that time.  The trouble is, shortly thereafter, flight 93 went up to 10,000 ft before it crashed (source ).  Hint to “truthers:”  A plane that gets shot down is NOT going to suddenly climb 5000 ft before crashing-  it’s going drop right to the ground.

As for the claim that the cell phones could not have worked, 1: Only 2 of the calls from Flight 93 were made from cell phones, and 2) the cell phone calls came at about 9:58 am, at which time the plane was a mere 5000 ft above sea level, meaning the cell phones would work, no problem (reference ).

Finally, regarding the claim that the hole was too small for an aircraft, 1) Numerous eyewitnesses saw a PLANE, 2) Everyone was identified by their DNA, 3) a lot of aircraft debris was found, as were both black boxes, and 4) Just as in the case of the Pentagon, Flight 93 was going at a very high rate of speed on impact ( source ).  As I’ve pointed out numerous times- and as any physics book will tell you, it’s the mass and velocity of the object that determines the size and shape of the hole. NOT the shape of the object and, also as any physics book will tell you, kinetic energy ( a.k.a energy of motion) increases by the SQUARE of the velocity ( written as KE = ½ mv2).  Hint: A speeding aircraft that hits the ground or any other solid object is NOT going to remain intact.

Clearly, the only investigation needed is an investigation  into what the “truthers” are smoking.


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