More "Truther" Lies About Pentagon

Once again, it’s time to expose the “truthers” for the liars they are, this time, focusing on the Pentagon.

As we see here, “truthers” claim the hole in the Pentagon was too small to have been made by a plane.  However, what they ignore, as they clearly have no understanding of physics, is that the size and shape of the hole is determined by the mass and velocity of the object, NOT the shape.  Furthermore, as this site points out, “the exterior façade collapsed a little less than 40 minutes after impact,” which, LOGICALLY, would also affect the size and shape of the hole.  The fact that the 9/11 “Truth” Movement insists it should have left an airplane-shaped hole is a clear indication that “truthers” need to stop taking their physics lessons from Warner Brothers cartoons.

Another lie is that there was no debris at the Pentagon and the little debris that was found could be removed by hand (source).

Once again, “truthers” ignore a little thing we call facts and logic.   There was plenty of wreckage, as evidenced by the photos found here.   Hint:  A plane travelling at over 500 MPH and hitting a hard wall results in a large impact force, which would tear the plane into bits and pieces (reference).

In addition, this site also points out the two obvious problems with the “truther” claim that the debris was planted: 1)  If they had placed the debris there BEFORE the impact,  they would have been caught in the act, as the damaged wall was right by the freeway, and if they had done so AFTER the impact, they also would have been caught as everyone on the freeway was gawking at the hole in the Pentagon.  In short, unless the Starship Enterprise beamed the debris there, it was CLEARLY a PLANE that crashed into the Pentagon.

As for the claim that the Pentagon was hit by a missile, “truthers” forget one teensy little detail about the Pentagon- besides the fact that everyone on the I-395 saw  a PLANE: It’s located in Washington, D.C, which is a fairly large city, not to mention the fact that it is right next to a very busy freeway, therefore, there is no possible way to fire a missile at the Pentagon and claim it was a plane without getting busted ( reference ).  You have better odds of “truthers” being honest, which is saying something considering the odds of you winning the lottery are better than getting honesty from a “truther.”

The “truther” statement that a video showing the Pentagon hit has not been released is also a lie, as is the statement that there are “85 tapes from the Pentagon” (reference ).

In point of fact, as we see here, the videos from both the Pentagon Checkpoint and the nearby Double-Tree hotel have indeed been released. The reason they were not released until 2006 is because they were evidence in the Moussaoui trial. (Source ).   Oh, and it is NOT 85 tapes from the Pentagon; it’s 85 tapes TOTAL, some of which are from the WTC (reference ).

As for the claim that there were missile batteries at the Pentagon, this is also a lie for two reasons: 1:  If that statement were true, Pentagon employees would be asking exactly the same thing, and 2) As the Pentagon is located close to the approach for Ronald Reagan International Airport, planes that come close to the Pentagon would not automatically be shot down (source). In addition, as we see here, there IS NO PROHIBITED AIR SPACE AROUND THE PENTAGON!!

As for why the plane hit the portion of the Pentagon that had just been renovated, there’s nothing suspicious about that (source ).

In addition, it was a WEDGE of the Pentagon that was hit, which, as this link says, is “… a corner and half the length of one side of the Pentagon to both directions from the corner,’” and the Pentagon is divided into 5 wedges.  The entire Pentagon was being renovated and the reason Wedge 1 was renovated first is because it was Wedge 1- i.e., they were renovating the wedges in numerical order.  In point of fact, the plane hit Wedge one right on the borderline of Wedge 1 and 2- and the reason that side was hit is because it was the one directly on the plane’s flight path (source ).


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