More Real Facts About Flight 93

Now that the FHK site is up and running again, it’s time to provide the facts that  “truthers”  have been leaving out.  We will deal with Flight 93 in this article.

First, we have the “truther” claim that Flight 93 landed safely in Cleveland and they use an AP bulletin to “prove” that claim.  However, what “truthers” DON’T tell you is that the bulletin was in error and AP retracted it a short time later. Liz Foreman clarified by stating that only the link to the story was moved but they forgot to remove the story and she admitted it was her mistake due to the hectic nature of that day.  It’s called human error-  there is NOTHING suspicious about that.  The flight that did land in Cleveland was Delta Flight 1989 (reference ).

Second, we have a claim by David Ray Griffin  in his book “ A New Pearl Harbor” quotes an article in which CeeCee Lyle’s husband says she screamed, “ They’re doing it, they’re doing it,” followed by a “whooshing sound,” which Griffin claims indicates a missile hit ( source ).  However, here is the ACTUAL quote from the Griffin is citing: “CeeCee Lyles let out a scream.

‘They’re doing it! They’re doing it! They’re doing it!” she said. Lorne Lyles heard a scream. Then his wife said something he couldn’t understand. Then the line went dead.’” ( reference ) If you scroll further up in the article, you’ll see that CeeCee Lyles was talking to her husband about the passengers were planning the counter-attack we know occurred  ( Oh, and before any “truther” brings up John Farmer’s book, “ The Ground Truth,” where he says the black box shows the hijackers crashed the plane because they feared the passengers would gain control,  it’s still true that it was the decision of the passengers to fight back that kept Flight 93 from its target-  and his book was about the bureaucracy, and NOBODY will deny that bureaucracy is a problem), so it’s a fairly safe bet that her statement, “ they’re doing it,” was referring to the passengers fighting back.  You will see there is NO MENTION WHATSOEVER about a “whooshing” sound.  Furthermore, missiles don’t make whooshing sounds; they make explosions ( source ).

Third, is the claim is that eight minutes before the crash, a passenger, Glenn Cramer, locked himself in the bathroom and called 911 and said, in an understandably frantic tone that they were being hijacked.  The conspiracy theorists also claim Cramer heard an explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane. However, the only part that is true is that Cramer made the 9/11 call ( source ).

There are several problems with this claim: 1) As we see here, the plane crashed at about 10:03 am and the alleged white smoke and explosion occurred at 9:58 am.  Just how the heck is a plane that was hit by a missile going to remain in flight for another 4-5 minutes?!   Did someone turn off gravity?   The debris also would have been spread out over a MUCH larger area. The most obvious problem, of course, is this:  Planes generally fly in the 30,000 ft range, where the air is thinner than at sea level-  that’s why the cabin is pressurized.  Had the plane miraculously remained in flight after being holed by a missile, rapid depressurization would have resulted, which means that there is NO WAY Mr. Cramer would have seen any white smoke as it would have been sucked out as a result of the depressurization (reference ). After all, any physics book will tell you that  air will flow from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure, or “downhill,” so to speak.

Finally, despite conspiracy theorists’ claims to the contrary, the fact that one of flight 93’s engines was found far from the main debris field does NOT prove that it was shot down. Airline expert Michael K.  Hynes, who investigated the TWA Flight 800 crash in 1996. He points out that at very high speeds, it’s not unusual for an engine to tumble across the ground.  Yes, the engine fan was found 300 yards away, but what “truthers” don’t mention is that it was found 300 yards to the south, which is the DIRECTION FLIIGHT 93 WAS TRAVELLING AT THE TIME OF THE CRASH! This is consistent with Newton’s 1st law, which state that an object at rest tends to remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Remember, the plane was going  over 500 MPH ( about 805 kilometers/hr) which is between 700 and  800 ft/second (  between 213 and 243 meters/second)There is also a statement by conventional weapons expert Robert Sherman in the Pittsburgh Pulp describing the missile theories regarding Flight 93 as “ the usual paranoid crap.”  He further states that plan crashes tend to do strange things to the plane ( source ).

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