More "Truther" Desperation

Hat tip to John and Walter Stevens , my friend and his father, respectively, who were volunteer fighters and gave me the info I needed on the behavior of fires.    

 It is now time to expose “truthers” for the idiots they are once again. 

     Let’s start with the “truther” I mentioned in a previous article  first.

            One claim the guy is making is that the plane crashed into the Pentagon and disappeared it did no such thing.  One need only look at the pictures here  to see that there was plane wreckage on the Pentagon lawn.  That’s a strange definition of disappeared.

            He is also claiming that someone on a couch at the top floors should have been able to ride the couch down to the bottom and survive.  He tries to justify it by comparing that with earthquake survivors.  He can’t figure out that earthquake survivors are usually found at the LOWER floors of the collapsed buildings.

            For example, in Haiti, some earthquake survivors in a collapsed building were found on what used to be the 4TH floor (reference ).   The 4th floor would be considered a LOWER floor.

            A couch has an average weight of 80 – 90 pounds, which is about 36- 41 kg.    WTC 1 and 2 had a height of 417 and 415 meters (1, 368 and 1, 361 ft), respectively (source ).

            Let’s say for the sake of the argument that the couch was on one of the uppermost floors about 1000 feet up, which is about 305 meters.  The equation to figure out how fast something will fall a particular distance, which can be found in any physics book, is d = vit  +  ½ at2  where d is the distance, vi is the initial velocity, a is the acceleration due to gravity ( 9.8 m/s or 32 ft/s2 for the earth), and t is time.  However, since the initial velocity is zero, we can write the equation like this: d = ½ at2. If we rearrange the equation appropriately and plug in the numbers, we find it takes about 8 seconds for the couch to fall that distance.  We can also find out how fast it’s going when it hits bottom- the formula for that is v = vi + at, where v is the final velocity, vi is the initial velocity, a is acceleration, and t is time, but, again, since the initial velocity is 0, we can write v = at = 9.8 m/s2 (8 seconds), which is about 78.4 m/s, which is about 175 mph ( Both the above equations can also be used for horizontal motion, in which case a would simply be acceleration, defined as a change in velocity-  I will deal with that in the next article) In short, that couch is going to be hauling some major butt when it hits bottom.  So if the couch is doing 175 MPH when it hits bottom and a person is on the couch then, per Newton’s 1st Law of Motion (An object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest, unless the object is acted upon by an outside force, as per any physics book), the person on the couch will also be doing 175 MPH when the couch hits bottom, so unless the person sprouts wings and flies off, it is highly unlikely that they will survive an impact at that speed. After all, it’s not the fall that’ll kill them; it’s the sudden stop at the end.

            His next bit of stupidity is that he dismisses the fires going up by saying that the jet fuel doesn’t flow up.  While that is technically true, he ignores the fact that the jet fuel was merely the IGNITION source of the fire.  As I pointed out in a previous article, fire will go any direction there is fuel and by fuel I mean something to burn.  It seems to me there was plenty of combustible material in the WTC- drywall, paper, etc. Furthermore, fire can move pretty fast. I was speaking to a friend’s dad, Walter Stevens-  he and his son, John  were BOTH volunteer firefighters and fought some of the worst fires out here in Ca, including the 2003 Cedar fire and he informed me that fire actually burns faster uphill. In addition, I recall the 2007 wildfires out here in California JUMPING the local freeway and jumping implies UPWARD motion. I also spoke to my friend John Stevens as he was one of the ones fighting the 2003 Cedar fire and he told me that on a CALM day, fire can move as fast as 100 MPH.  He also informed me that the Cedar fire started at 8:30 am in Ramona,Ca, and was in Poway 20 minutes later.  He informed me that the Cedar fire was moving at  about freeway speeds, betwee 65-70 MPH). Granted, wildfires and building fires are different, but it still wouldn’t be surprising that some of the WTC fires went up due to basic physics that we learned in 3rd grade:  Fire is hot and HEAT RISES.

            The guy then goes on to say that the towers should not have collapsed because the upper floors weren’t damaged.  There was PLENTY of damage to the floors in the impact zone.  The impact took out many perimeter columns, much like taking a can from the middle or bottom of the stack instead of the top (reference ). The impact, severe structural damage, and fires IN COMBINATION with each other is what caused the collapse (reference ).

            He’s also continuing his insistence that the rear of the plane should have just stopped when the front hit the Pentagon, regardless of the fact that this violates Newton’s 1st law.   This car crash test of an Audi here  demonstrates that quite nicely.  Watch the slow-motion part starting at 22 seconds and you will notice that when the front end impacts the wall, the rear end is still moving forward.  This is why cars are designed with crumple zones.

            Before any “truther” points out that the car in question here did not go through the wall and the planes did, the car in the video was probably not going fast enough to go through the wall.  Velocity has a great deal to do with it since, as any physics book will tell you, the kinetic energy increases by the SQUARE of the velocity.  Seeing as how a passenger jet can go considerably faster than a car, it’s not surprising the plane managed to go through the Pentagon’s wall.

            On a similar note, while watching some old Get Smart reruns with Don Adams, I discovered another “truther” making a fool of himself with the following YouTube videos here and here.

            First of all, Get Smart was FICTION, and second the episode in question aired in 1967, plus the construction of WTC 1 was not finished until 1972 ( source ).  Furthermore, in the Get Smart episode in question, the bad guy placed nitroglycerin in the bricks.  There are two problems with this:  1:  Nitroglycerin is EXTREMELY UNSTABLE. Just the tiniest movement or bit of friction can set it off (source ).  It seems to me that there are plenty of things that could set the nitroglycerin off just during the construction alone.  They use things like hammers in building construction, and heavy machinery as well, including cranes.  There is also the possibility of the construction workers either dropping the nitroglycerin or dropping something on top of it- and what about laying electrical wire during construction. There are plenty of tools used in construction that would generate friction. In short, there would be too great a risk of setting it off prematurely, and 2)  As we see from Brent Blanchard, nitroglycerin in the bricks would NOT do the trick as you have to place cutting charges on load-bearing I- beams and such. Hint:  bricks are NOT load-bearing I-beams.

            Once again, we see “truthers” simply don’t understand physics and chemistry, although I will say this much:  The title of the show this “truther” is using to “prove” his point, Get Smart, describes  exactly what “truthers” need to do.

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