Problems with September Clues video

Here are several problems with a conspiracy video, September Clues.  We will start with September Clues, Part A .

At the very beginning, there is a crackling sound, like logs in the fireplace or something indicating either a copy of a copy or sloppy editing on the part of the author.

31 seconds:  Generally, speaking, it is standard operating procedure to collect evidence from the crime scene.  Besides, if I remember correctly, the towers were smoldering for quite some time, so the evidence couldn’t have been removed THAT quickly.

45 seconds:  What are the odds of EVERY SINGLE CAMERA in the U.S., catching the EXACT SAME THING at the exact same angle?  Suffice it to say, you have a better shot at winning the lottery.

55 seconds:  The fact that only 5 live shots of the second strike were shown on TV doesn’t prove a thing.  Different cameras would have been in different spots.  If the camera was on the opposite side from where the plane impacted, then, obviously, the camera wouldn’t have seen it.

1 minute, 1 second to  1 minute 36 seconds The fact that Winston Mitchell was reporting from below the towers doesn’t prove anything either. The explosion could have been an electrical transformer.    Also, the fact that the plane wasn’t mentioned doesn’t prove anything.  Winston may have been facing the camera, in which case, his back would have been turned.  Also, the camera man may have been so shocked that it took him a minute to realize what had just happened.

1 minute, 41 seconds:  there was NO fade to black, it was electrical interference, as we see from this video here  at 7 minutes 6 seconds to 7 minutes and 29 seconds.  Before some “truther” says that proves nukes, no it doesn’t because a nuke would have had an EMP pulse which would have killed ALL electronics COMPLETELY.  Remember, even the sun can cause electronic interference, and how many times have you had your TV go all screwy when a helicopter flies by?

1 minute 46 seconds:  The location of the microphone is a factor. Also, how do we know the author of September clues didn’t edit out the sound of the explosions first-  after all, as we see here  at about 1 minute 9 seconds to 3 minutes 17 seconds,  he edited out portions of Theresa Renaud’s interview to suit his agenda. Oh, and before some “truther” points out that Theresa said she didn’t think it was a passenger plane, remember she saw it from almost 3 miles away, so she would not have been able to make out the details.

2 minutes 1 second:  The fact that Theresa Renaud is Bryant Gumbel’s producer’s wife is irrelevant.

2 minutes 20 seconds:  Just because Theresa Renaud doesn’t mention a plane doesn’t mean there wasn’t one.  Before “truthers” point out that Theresa said her window faces the WTC,  that does NOT mean she was looking at the WTC when the first plane hit.  She could have had her back turned or been in another room of the apartment when the explosion from the first impact got her attention, at which time she would probably go straight to the TV and/or radio and turn on the news.  Also, the plane could have approached from the side of the WTC opposite  the one Theresa could see.

2 minutes 39 seconds:  That is a very poor quality picture-  it looks like the copy of a copy effect.

2 minutes 41 seconds:  The author proves himself wrong by showing the plane coming in from above the second tower, then showing Theresa’s line of sight.  If the plane came in from the angle it did, it is quite possible for her to have spotted it out of the corner of her eye.

2 minutes 50 seconds:  If the box in the upper left-hand corner was not shown live, how do we know the author of September clues didn’t edit it in?

2 minutes 52 seconds:  Again, Theresa’s statement that she didn’t see what caused the explosion or if there was an impact does NOT prove there was no plane- refer to 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

2 minutes 56 seconds:  even if she didn’t see the 2nd plane but only the fireball, based on the news and stuff it would not be inconceivable for her to realize it was another plane.

3 minutes 48 seconds:  Again, there was NO FADE TO BLACK. Refer to 1 minute 41 seconds.

4 minutes 38 seconds:  There is NO POSSIBLE WAY for a graphics artist to have inserted a plane in there because of all the zooming, therefore it must have been a real plane, as we see here from 7 minutes 33 seconds to 8 minutes 13 seconds.    Also, had the September clues author gone out further, he would have seen the plane.

5 minutes 45 seconds to 6 minutes 56 seconds: As we see here  from 4 minutes 41 seconds to 6 minutes 34 seconds, the only editing and error is on the part of the author of September Clues

 Finally, as we see here, from about 8 minutes 33 seconds to 8 minutes 41 seconds,  the old distance = rate times time equation was used to find out the planes velocity

Once again, we see that “truthers” are more dishonest than your average politician-  and that’s insulting the politicians.


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