Problems With September Clues, Part B

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  Continuing from my previous article, here are more problems with the September Clues videos. This article will deal with September Clues, part B.

16-18 seconds:  Watch the supposed “ball” very carefully.   If you look closely, you can just barely make out the wings.

24 seconds:  Camera’s switch to different angles all the time.  That’s not unusual.

27 seconds: It claims synched explosions in tower 1, but you don’t hear squat.

30 seconds:  Considering that the first plane had hit, it’s not all that surprising to have NBC producer Elliot Walker on the phone.  Also, if memory serves, a good portion of the mainstream news networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS are headquartered in New York City, so it would not be surprising that their producers live there.

31 seconds:  The person on the phone says they saw a plane go over their building and hit the second tower.

34 seconds:  Why is it surprising that a news media witness of the first strike reports the second strike while they’re on the phone.  Obviously, the news media is asking the witness to provide information on the damage, so the witness would obviously be looking in the direction of the towers when the second plane hit.  Also, the TV anchors would have been facing the cameras, which would have put their backs to the WTC.As for the camera person, as I pointed out in my last article, they may have been so shocked it took them a minute to realize what they had seen.

42 seconds:  The color for the NBC logo and stuff is a bit blurry and the camera seems to be seeing double, indicating the copy of a copy effect.

46 seconds:  CBS anchor Matt Lauer mentioning he saw a plane circling the building just before the second impact doesn’t prove squat.  He may have simply seen it out of the corner of his eye, or it may have simply taken him a minute to register what had happened as they were obviously concentrating on the North tower before the South Tower was hit.  Or, again, he could have also been so shocked that it took him a few seconds to register what was happening.  In addition, depending on the angle, the incoming plane may have APPEARED to be circling the building when it was actually headed straight for it.   Also, if Matt Lauer was INSIDE the studio, he would have been seeing things on a fairly small screen or watching multiple screens, both of which might cause someone’s eyes to play tricks on them.

50 seconds to 1 minute 3 seconds :  The fact that the ball shot showed something private VHS camera didn’t doesn’t prove a thing.   Look at the VHS tape, then go back to 16 – 18 seconds.  Notice that in the VHS tape, you can see other buildings, while you only see the Twin Towers in the shots at 16-18 seconds , a clear indication that the earlier shots were CLOSER than the ones on the VHS tape.  Different distances also means different angles.   Before a “truther” mentions that only NBC’s camera shows that, that doesn’t prove anything either.  Whether or not the network cameras picked up the second plane would depend on where the camera was positioned.  There are other problems with the “private VHS tape” as well.  If you look closely at the lower-right hand corner, you can barely see the outline of a 4, indicating the channel and the outline of the NBC peacock. Looks like we have the copy of a copy effect again, or some poor editing on the part of the September Clues author.    Even if both shots were taken from the same helicopter, the helicopter would have had to move around so as to avoid the smoke as the smoke would 1:  Affect the visibility, and 2:  Too much smoke would kill the chopper’s engine, as internal combustion engines also need oxygen, something which smoke lacks. Smoke is an indication of fire, which means something is burning and, as any chemistry book will tell you, any time you burn something, the two byproducts you will ALWAYS get are carbon dioxide and water vapor.

1 minute 30 seconds to 1 minute 35 seconds:  Those “ markers” are awfully blurry and appear to extent out PAST the wall of the WTC, not to mention the picture is awfully blurry. Also, the direction you see the fireball going indicates an impact on the OPPOSITE side of the tower from where the supposed markers are. How the heck would the pilot see markers on one side of the building if he was approaching from the other side?  Did the pilot have X-ray vision?  Either the author of September Clues edited the video again  ( and as we see from my previous article, he has been known to edit videos to suit his agenda)  or Superman was in the area and used his heat vision on the WTC.

reevelegacy.gif picture by Vic73_2008  ( picture from here)

1 minute 56:  clearly, that was simply 2 cameras at different angles.  Nothing suspicious about that.

2 minutes 14s seconds  to 2 minutes 22 seconds:  The black spot is more than likely just a brief glimpse of the second plane viewed through the gap between the Twin Towers just before impact.

2 minutes 29 seconds:  Refer to the previous entry.  Since it appears on both, it proves the difference between the VHS tape and the “ball” shot is simply the location of the camera.

2 minutes 47 seconds:  The only difference between shots is the camera angle and it seems to me that all the networks had multiple cameras in the area.  Given the fact that the attack began at about a quarter to 9 am and this was on the evening news, the news networks would have had plenty of time to sort through various recordings of the day’s events.

3 minutes 19 seconds:  No, the two tower perspectives are NOT pretty much identical. One shows the Hudson River in the background and the other doesn’t.   Also, you can see the gap between the towers in the right hand picture but you CANNOT see the gap between the towers in the left-hand picture.  Therefore, the two perspectives CANNOT POSSIBLY BE IDENTICAL!

5 minutes 46 seconds to 5 minutes 51 seconds ( the video has moved on to the Pentagon):  Why is it surprising that  USAtoday or any other news media outlet  would have people in Washington, D.C, and the nation’s capital?   Besides, his exact words, were “ This doesn’t add up, it’s really low.”   If you listen to the WHOLE sentence by Mike Walters, you see that once again, “truthers” are lying.

5 minutes 56 seconds:  Mike Walter’s exact words are, “ it was LIKE a cruise missile with wings.  This is called a SIMILIE, which as we see here, is defined as, “A figure of speech in which two fundamentally unlike things are explicitly compared, usually in a phrase introduced by like or as.”

6 minutes 6 seconds: Mike Walters is remaining fairly consistent with his statement, indicating he is TELLING THE TRUTH.

6 minutes 13 seconds:  The fact that the Pentagon security cameras didn’t see the plane doesn’t prove anything because 1:  Surveillance cameras are NOT designed to pick up speeding aircraft, and two:  Even if they were, since when are surveillance cameras ever pointed UPWARD?

6 minutes 21 seconds:  Mike Walters’ statement about the wings just kind of folding back on impact is consistent with Newton’s laws of motion.

6 minutes 56 seconds:  he is clearly directing his statement at “truthers.”  Also, why is it surprising that so many news media people were witnesses to the plane at the Pentagon?  It is the nation’s capital, so the news media would naturally have buildings there.  Also, when you take into account the plane hit right smack during rush hour, wouldn’t a few news media people be en route to work and probably stuck in rush hour traffic?

7 minutes 15 seconds to 7 minutes 26 seconds:  Mike Walter’s clearly states that at the time of the 9/11 attacks, the Pentagon was only 9 minutes away from the USAtoday headquarters, meaning it was their quickest route to work.  In short, they were obviously on the way to work and stuck in rush hour just like anyone else.

7 minutes 28 seconds to 7 minutes 40 seconds:  The author of September Clues mentions that Mike Walters is “bothered”  However, if you listen to him closely, he’s bothered by the deluge of E-mails and phone calls.  What’s so surprising about that?  Also, it’s obvious that a good portion of the calls are “truthers” making fools of themselves.

7 minutes 41 seconds to  8 minutes 12 seconds: Mike Walters has a pretty good grasp of physics.  September Clues shows the plane going all the way into the WTC, wings included in a pathetic attempt to “prove” Mike Walter’s is lying.  However, what September Clue does NOT mention is that the WTC and the Pentagon were made of DIFFERENT MATERIALS.  The WTC was mostly steel and glass and fairly lightweight, as high rises go, while the Pentagon was concrete-  the Pentagon was designed like a bunker.   Different materials will react to the same thing differently.   Mike Walters is correct that it is the mass and velocity of the object, NOT the shape of the object that determines the size and shape of the hole.  Clearly, it’s the author of September Clues ( and “truthers” in general) who need a physics lesson.

9 minutes 5 seconds ( the video has now switched to Shanksville):  It seems to me that a speeding plane hitting the ground will probably make a hole in the ground.  That is clearly an aerial view of the Shanksville crash site and aerial views tend to make things look smaller than they are.  After all, anyone who’s ever flown over the Grand Canyon knows that from the air, the Grand Canyon looks like a little ditch.

9 minutes 17 seconds:  That “debris” is not  debris: it’s FIREWOOD.

Clearly, it is the author of September Clues ( and “truthers” in general)  who are lacking in common sense.


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