Problems With September Clues, part C

See Problems With September Clues Video  and Problems With September Clues, part B 

            This article will deal with September Clues, part C.

We still have that crackling sound, which generally indicates a poor quality copy- usually a result of the copy of a copy effect.

10 seconds:  You CANNOT fabricate live TV.  How are you going to get all the cameras to show the same stuff?

15 seconds:  If you refer to the September Clues Busted video  between 40- 50 seconds, you’ll see that all the various private cameras actually disprove “TRUTHERS”

24 seconds:  No, the planes did NOT make an almost perfectly level approach.  As we see here, the flight attendants mentioned the plane was flying ERRATICALLY.   Also, had the made an almost perfectly level approach, it would NOT have taken out multiple floors.

35-40 seconds:  Obviously, the two different planes might have come in at different angles.

58 seconds:  That is what a Boeing 767 looks like UP CLOSE.  Also, look at the United Airlines logo on the main body of the plane near the front- it’s BACKWARDS. A clear indication of sloppy editing on the part of the September Clues author.

1 minute 4 seconds: On a clear day, if the plane was between you (or, in this case, the camera) and the sun, then all you would see is the silhouette.

1 minute, 30 seconds:  This video and the previous one are CLEARLY at different angles.

1 minute 31 seconds:  The color of the wings don’t prove anything

1 minute 52 seconds to 2 minutes 14 seconds:  If the author of September Clues knew ANYTHING about physics, he’d know it was the VELOCITY of the object that determines the size and shape of the hole.   As we see from the video here  between 6 minutes 31 seconds and 7 minutes, we see a plane-like shape on the opposite end of the building from the impact, which would be the debris the plane pushed out on impact, which is consistent with Newton’s 1st Law.  Also, as we see from the diagram and the following quote here: “The towers had a number of floors destroyed from about the perimeter columns to the core. The impact sliced the aluminum aircraft into smaller pieces but the speed of the craft also sliced through the steel like butter,” it is clearly the author of September Clues who is using Roadrunner cartoon physics.

2 minutes 53 seconds:  It’s quite obvious that the two photos are at DIFFERENT angles.

4 minutes 26 seconds:  How do we know they’re looking the wrong way when we can’t see the WTC in that particular shot? It’s also quite clear a few seconds later than they are starting to run and generally speaking, people tend to look in front of them when they run so as to avoid falling.

5 minutes 40 seconds to 5 minutes 43 seconds:  it seems to me that the private video cameras might have a smaller pick-up range than the news cameras.

5 minutes 46 seconds: More than likely, that IS the second plane which may have been difficult to make out through the gap between the buildings.  Also

5 minutes 53 seconds:  Seeing as how the eyewitness who saw the plane with his own eyes was there and the September Clues author wasn’t, I’m more inclined to believe the guy who was there.

6 minutes, 2 seconds:  The eyewitness’s location during the interview is NOT NECESSARILY where he was when he saw the plane hit.

6 minutes 18 seconds; Actually, the voices seemed louder in the PREVIOUS video.  Also, their location relative to the camera is a factor in the volume.

6 minutes 41 seconds:  As we see from 1 minute 52 seconds to 2 minutes 14 seconds, it’s the September Clues video that’s about as accurate as a cartoon.

6 minutes 55 seconds:  An object slamming into a building and a file cabinet will NOT sound the same. Furthermore, as I mentioned in a previous article, the author of September Clues has been known to edit the video to suit his agenda.

Clearly, the author of September Clues – and “truthers” in general- have been caught in more lies than Pinocchio.

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