Problems With September Clues Part E

Having exposed the flaws in September Clues Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D, I will now point out the flaws in September Clues, Part E.

            At the very beginning, from 0- 12 seconds, the author claims that 17 seconds is a very puzzling gap between the 9/11 Commissions official impact time of 9:03:11 and the seismic sound data of 9:02:54.  One obvious problem is that it only deals with ONE impact- there were TWO impacts at the WTC.  Second, the gap is not puzzling at all.  Here are the REAL facts: 1: NTSB papers for the flight paths of both Flight 11 and Flight 175 refer to the impact times as APPROXIMATE ( source ). As we see here, “truthers” use a compressed chart.  However, if you scroll a little further down, you’ll see that provides the ACTUAL charts, which they obtained from here.   Notice that in the case of BOTH collapses, the strongest spikes were NOT at the beginning, clearly showing a GRADUAL start (reference ).  If that’s not enough for “truthers,”  also provides the following quotes from seismologist Arthur Lerner-Lam and geophysicist Terry Wallace, respectively: “ ‘There is no scientific basis for the conclusion that explosions brought down the towers,’” Lerner-Lam tells PM. “That representation of our work is categorically incorrect and not in context,’” and “’How can geologists catch a terrorist? With their instruments’”, explains Terry Wallace, a geophysicist at the University of Arizona. ‘There are about 16,000 seismometers installed around the world, many of which offer data on freely accessible Web sites. Seismometers detect motion in the Earth, which can be triggered by an earthquake, or possibly explosions.
By learning how to read these signals, Wallace hopes scientists might catch on to suspicious activity.
‘We can study these signals and begin to develop a portfolio of different kinds of signatures of explosions,” says Wallace. “It will be like have a set of fingerprints.’
Geophysicists have already contributed critical data to terrorist investigations. It was geologists who determined there were no secondary explosions at the base of the World Trade Center towers — but only the impact of the airplanes and subsequent fires — that contributed to the towers’ collapse on Sept. 11.’”

            Of course, “truthers” are using the INITIAL time estimates here.  They’re called INITIAL estimates for a reason. Also, not all of the radars used synchronized times, and one type of radar, ASR, does NOT record continuously, resulting in offsets that had to be accounted for (reference ).  In short, the discrepancy is nothing more than human error, and 17 seconds isn’t much of a difference-  there is also one other detail as well:  it is a known fact that no two time pieces will display the exact same time.

            Also, as we see here, the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) seismic chart shows only ONE seismic event for each impact.  If some explosives had gone off prior to impact, there would have been at least TWO seismic events for each impact.

            At 47 seconds, the author of September Clues claims this proves that all 5 networks had synched audio cues by 17 seconds.  This is merely an assumption with no proof.  If memory serves, there were LOTS of cameras in that area and getting that many cameras to sync up would be problematic, to say the least. Equipment compatibility is also a potential issue.

            At 56-58 to 1 minute and 18seconds, the author of September Clues makes an issue of the double-beep on Don Dahler’s audio feed. There is one, very simple explanation that does NOT require a conspiracy:  since Dahler was clearly out in the field, near the WTC, he was more than likely using his cell phone.  That double-beep could simply mean his cell phone battery is running low.  It certainly sounds like a low-battery beep. I have heard the low battery beep coming from the other person’s phone when I’m talking to them.  In addition, as I pointed out in a previous article, this video  has proven that the author of September Clues is the faker here.

            At 1 minute, 23 seconds, the author of September Clues uses this quote from Don Dahler to “prove” a conspiracy: “I didn’t see a plane go in, that just exploded.”  It still doesn’t occur to the author of September Clues that Dahler’s position relative to the towers is a factor. It’s entirely possible that one of the towers was between him and the plane.  There are other possibilities as well- maybe Dahler had his back turned to the WTC before the second impact, and the sound of the impact caused him to turn around.

            Look closely at the sound record of Fox’s audio surge and ABC’s beep- in point of fact, they do NOT match up.  The same problem results at 2 minutes and 29 seconds- they do NOT match.  Oh, and look at the vertical dotted line on the left side of the screen-  how do we know that wasn’t arbitrarily placed there by the author of September Clues to suit his agenda.

            At 2 minutes and 39 seconds, the ABC and CBS videos are at DIFFERENT ANGLES.

            At 3 minutes and 54 seconds, look at the color of the picture on the right- also, there seems to be a shadow of one of the towers, which tends to happen when a person edits or makes a copy of a copy- looks like the only sloppy editing here was done by the September Clues author.         

            At 4 minutes and 43 seconds, the author dismisses the claim that the impacts from the towers caused the cameras to go black due to the fact that the antennas were on the WTC.   Here’s a hint: The antennas were merely the TRANSMITTERS- the actual TV equipment would have been inside the WTC and it’s ENTIRELY plausible that some that equipment was on the affected floors. Also, remember, they began evacuation after the first impact, which means some of the evacuated people MIGHT have been those people operating the equipment.

            At 5 minutes 15 seconds, the author of September Clues tries to make it seem as if Fox News had accidentally made an audio slip when the second plane hit.  This is far from the case- as we can see, this was clearly the SECOND impact.  When one takes into account the fact that the WTC was bombed in 1993, combined with the fact that the second impact occurred just over a quarter of an hour after the first one, it would not be unreasonable that the reporter simply put two and two together. It’s also not surprising that they would try to contact a helicopter they may have had in the area after the first impact.

            At 5 minutes, 30 seconds, the author of September Clues states that Grade E-9 is the U.S. Navy rank of Master Chief Petty Officer;  however, if you listen to the Fox audio, they did NOT say grade E-9-  they said Grade 9.   

            From 7 minutes 20 seconds to 7 minutes, 37 seconds, you can see that the shots from each network are from DIFFERENT ANGLES, indicating DIFFERENT VANTAGE POINTS.

            At 9 minutes, 5 seconds, the author of September Clues states that, “ Objectively speaking, the burden of proof lies with anyone claiming this is undoctored footage.”  Wrong-  since it is the author of September Clues is the one making the accusations, the burden of proof lies with HIM. 

            Once again, as I pointed out in an earlier article  with this video, the footage has indeed been doctored-  doctored by the author of September Clues.

            Clearly, “truthers” are just a bunch of screwballs.

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