Problems with September Clues F

     As I have already dealt with the problems in September Clues Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D, and Part E, I will now deal with Part F.

     8 seconds: The author of September Clues goes on about the amateur videos.  How are you going to get so many PRIVATE video cameras to show the same thing?  You have a better shot at winning the lottery.

     15 seconds- the tower doesn’t look quite right- it looks sort of one-dimensional.  For one thing, there is smoke coming from the tower BEFORE the plane hits it, meaning that the author of September Clues has one of the planes crashing into the wrong tower in this video. Also, the smoke is blue.  Smoke usually is NOT blue. It seems to me that the author of September Clues is once again guilty of editing the video, as he has done in the past (see here and here ).

     22 seconds:  Why is it all that surprising that someone happened to be at an angle to get a shot of the plane crash?  In addition to being an office building, the WTC was also a tourist attraction.  Why else would the observation deck be called “Top of the World?”

     31 seconds:  The author of September Clues states that “the use of missiles on 9/11 is a well documented, fact based hypothesis.”  This is, in point of fact, an outright LIE. After all, NUMEROUS eyewitnesses have said they were PLANES.  Either all the people who were actually there are lying or the author of September Clues is. I’m going to go with option 2.

     38 seconds:  The wings of the alleged Agm-158 JASSM cruise missile don’t quite match up to the wings of the same missile shown at 57 seconds here.

     54 seconds: Again, smoke is NOT blue, and the tower looks one dimensional.

     1 minute 9 seconds: Just how are you going to guarantee the camera will be in the right position at the right time when even the author of September clues has admitted this is an amateur video? 

     1 minute 17 seconds to 1 minute 22 seconds: Again, how do we know it’s not the author of September Clues doing the editing.  We already know he’s been known to edit the videos to fit his agenda (refer to 15 seconds.)

     1 minute 24 seconds:  If a missile had hit, wouldn’t the man have ALREADY been looking up? 

     1 minute 52 seconds:  Given how low it was, combined with the calls from people actually on the planes and the people who SAW the impacts, there is NO WAY IN HELL to mistake a missile for a plane.

     1 minute 57 seconds to 2 minutes:  Once again, the United Airlines logo on the front of the plane is backwards, a clear indication of sloppy editing on the part of the author of September Clues, as I pointed out in a previous article.  Also, notice that the planes landing gear is DOWN.  Once the plane had taken off, the hijackers would NOT have bothered to put the landing gear down as they had no intention of landing. 

     2 minutes 18 seconds:  Seems to me the author of September Clues might want to put a little more effort into his simulations so people won’t see them for the farce that they are.

     2 minutes 31 seconds: Again, the wings of the craft are CLEARLY at the wrong angle for it to be an Agm-158 JASSM cruise missile.

     2 minutes 45 seconds:  Clearly, the author of September Clues needs a physics lesson.  The plane DID decelerate on impact.  It’s just that at the speed the plane was going when it hit, the deceleration was negligible.

    3 minutes 50 seconds to 3 minutes 52 seconds: The zoom out when he hears plane engines doesn’t prove anything.  People hear plane engines going overhead all the time.

     4 minutes 10 seconds to 4 minutes 13 seconds:  Sounds more to me like the jet sound and crashes are mixed together with the human noises.  Yes, the human noises are a bit louder but that’s because they are closer to the camera than the plane. This has NOTHING to do with a conspiracy.  The closer a sound is to a person (or a camera), the louder the sound is.  Listen to a siren when it goes by.  You will notice that the siren seems to increase as it approaches you and decrease as it gets farther way.  This is called the Doppler Effect.

     4 minutes 37 seconds:  There’s no way there were synched charges there-  also, there’s no way they could manage to get the impact to occur exactly where explosives had been planted as “truthers” like to claim.

    4 minutes 43 seconds:  There is NO evidence at all for missile strikes. Also, the camera seems to need glasses.

     4 minutes 49 seconds:  Notice the some of the smoke is neon pink- SMOKE IS NOT THAT COLOR.

     4 minutes 54 seconds:  That cannot be a missile for one simple reason.  Most of the damage has gone INWARD. As I mentioned in a previous article, missiles do NOT explode on impact; they penetrate their target, THEN explode (source ). Hint:  This means that most of the damage from a missile would be OUTWARD.

     6 minutes 24 seconds:  The author of September Clues states,” We may observe that ALL shots are credited to professionals in the photo/video/news media industry.” There’s just one little problem:  At the beginning of the video, the author of September Clues states they were AMATEUR videos. If the videos were amateur, then, by definition, the people shooting them could NOT have been professionals and if professionals shot the videos, then they are NOT amateur videos.  In short, the author of September Clues is contradicting himself.

     7 minutes to 7 minutes 2 seconds:  Maybe the people who sent in their videos simply wanted to help with the investigation?

     7 minutes 12 seconds to 8 minutes 17 seconds: First, she says NEAR impossibility.  That is NOT the same as saying it was impossibility.  For example, winning the lottery is a near impossibility, but people do win the lottery.  Also, considering that about 17 minutes passed between the first and second impact, it’s not inconceivable that the Czechoslovakian construction worker might have caught both impacts.  The fact that he didn’t realize what he saw when the first plane hit the tower doesn’t prove squat. Unless he had the news on, he wouldn’t have known what was going on.  Before any “truther” points out the SUV had a radio, let’s not forget he went into a tunnel- tunnels tend to interfere with radio reception.   The fact that he didn’t realize he had captured it until weeks later doesn’t prove anything either.  He may have simply put the tape aside and forgotten about it- and as for his son almost erasing it, the Czechoslovakian construction worker may have forgotten to label the tape and/or simply misplaced it.

     8 minutes, 42 seconds:  Those two zoom outs aren’t remotely similar- they are CLEARLY at DIFFERENT ANGLES.

     Once again, the author of September Clues has set off the BS meter.

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