Problems with September Clues G

     Continuing in my debunking of the September Clues series, Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D, Part E, and Part F, I will now deal with Part G.

            6 seconds:  No, missiles were NOT used on 9/11, as I indicated in several previous articles, most recently the one I published on January 13, 2011.

            11 seconds:  We debunkers have been asking “truthers” since Day 1 what happened to the 4 airlines and their passengers and the “truthers” have yet to answer that question.  This is just a lame attempt by the author of September Clues to accuse the other side of doing exactly what “truthers” do.

            17 seconds:  What the author of September Clues neglects to mention is that, per the FAA, the owner DOES NOT NEED TO DEREGISTER THE PLANE (source ). The timing of the deregistration doesn’t prove anything- how do we know the paperwork didn’t get lost?

            22 seconds:  Again, how do we know the airport logs weren’t simply lost in the confusion of that day?  The calls from those 4 flights seem to be a pretty good indication that they existed.  Before “truthers” say that voice morphing technology was used, how about we ask audio forensics expert Dr. George Papcun- this site provides Dr. Papcun’s areas of expertise. He is also the inventor of voice morphing technology (reference ), and here’s a quote by Dr. Papcun from his own Web site  indicating the problems with that claim: “I originally developed the technology of voice morphing, the technology by which it is possible to make someone seem to say something they did not say (see ) and coined the phrase. Therefore, I know what would have been required to create such bogus calls. There are too many practical considerations that would have to be met to make the counterfeit telephone calls possible under the circumstances. For example, it is necessary to have samples of the voices of the people to be imitated. In situations where the goal is to participate in an unconstrained conversation, the voice samples must be extensive. I cannot imagine how I might have obtained extensive samples of the voices of the passengers on Flight 93, especially not knowing which of them might call home. Additionally, in this situation it would be necessary to know what someone would say to his or her loved ones under such circumstances. What pet names would be used? What references would be made to children and other loved ones? Do believers actually suppose that the government (or I) listens in to everyone’s pillow talk?”

            28 seconds:  The NUMEROUS eyewitnesses who SAW the planes are a clear indication that the existence of the planes is NOT in doubt.

            36 seconds:  What the people at street level saw would have depended on their position relative to the towers.

            47 seconds: That “fly-by jet” looks more like a smudge on someone’s TV screen.

            55 seconds to 1 minute 1 second:  Wrong- as I mentioned in an earlier article  (and as we hear in this video  several people said they THOUGHT it was a missile AT FIRST.

            1 minute 12 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds:  Actually, if you pay attention to the audio, and NOT the little subtitles the author of September Clues wants you to concentrate on, you’ll see that he is contradicting himself.   Why is it all that surprising that the second crash was the only one caught live?  Before the first crash, there was no reason to train the cameras on the WTC but after the first one, every camera in the area would be directed at the WTC.  Also, the color looks a little off- perhaps we have the copy of a copy effect again.

            1 minute 32 seconds to 1 minute 35 seconds:  Once again, the camera seems to need glasses.  Also, watch the plane hit from the 1 minute 12 seconds to one minute 35 seconds and you’ll see that the angle of the shot seems to change slightly.

            1 minute 36 seconds:  If that was the only live shot as the author of September Clues claims, how can it have more than one version?

            1 minute 45 seconds:  Look at the bottom of the screen and you’ll see this quote:  “To help, call United Way.”  More than likely, this was a replay of the hit replayed for the evening news.  The picture quality isn’t that great either.

            1 minute 56 seconds to 2 minutes 4 seconds:  The author of September Clues states that BBC anchor Nisha Pillai fails to notice the plane crash and the fireball.  However, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear what the author of September Clues hopes you won’t notice: Nisha was NOT in New York, BBC Anchor STEVE EVANS was.   Just because we have a split screen on our end doesn’t mean there was a split screen on her end and just how the hell is she going to see anything over the phone?

            2 minutes 5 seconds:  The author of September Clues cuts Steven’s off in mid-sentence. I wonder why?

            2 minutes 17 seconds:  Nisha’s exact words were, “It’s NOT REALLY clear whether there was a plane crash.”  This does NOT prove a conspiracy.  It merely proves that Nisha is doing what any good reporter should do an waiting until all the facts were in.

            2 minutes 28 seconds to 2 minutes 33 seconds:  Those are clearly TWO DIFFERENT SHOTS.

            2 minutes 39 seconds:  Funny, I seem to recall plenty of rebroadcasts.  Maybe, just maybe, they kept the rebroadcasts to a minimum out of respect for the victims and their families?

            3 minutes 7 seconds:  Once again, two DIFFERENT angles.  The only forgeries are from September Clues.

            3 minutes 22 seconds: On the contrary, the Naudet documentary proves “truthers” wrong (reference ).

            3 minutes 44 seconds to 3 minutes 48 seconds:  People tend to be drawn to disasters like moths to a flame.  Look how traffic slows down for even a fender-bender on the freeway.  Also, considering how rare it is for a commercial airliner to be flown into a building at about 500 MPH, why is the astonishment of the onlookers so surprising?

            4 minutes 13 seconds to 4 minutes 58 seconds:  Considering the tower was clearly about to collapse and the emergency personnel were trying to clear the area, the 3 cuts aren’t surprising.  It’s kind of hard to run to safety and film at the same time.

            5 minutes6 seconds:  Again, two different angles and the color is off on the right-hand picture.

            6 minutes 29 seconds to 6 minutes 51 seconds: The gentleman here is giving a VERY accurate description of what happened.

            6 minutes 52 seconds to 7 minutes 2 seconds:  This has already been debunked. In the confusion of the day when told that WTC 7 was going to collapse, the BBC mistakenly said it had already done so- this was a MISCOMMUNICATION (reference ).  Miscommunications are quite common when a disaster occurs.

            7 minutes 12 seconds to 7 minutes 19 seconds:  The shots are NOT the same. Also, look to the left at 7 minutes 19 seconds- looks like there’s a mirror there.

            8 minutes:  Why is it suspicious to be getting information about the WTC’s construction and such from the WTC’s Web site- where else would you get it from?

            8 minutes 12 seconds to 8 minutes 21 seconds:  How do we know the two audio clips are in the correct chronological order?  As I have pointed out previously , the author of September Clues has been known to edit the videos to suit his agenda.

            9 minutes 41 seconds:  I’ve seen more facts in your average tabloid- and that’s insulting tabloids.

            Once again, we see that “truthers” have been caught in so many lies that you can use their noses for a limbo bar.

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