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         First, a slight correction to my previous article  and thank you to Lloyd Dolan for pointing it out with this statement “Sailors can be selected for Chief Warrant Officer 2 (Navy does not use WO1) who are Petty Officer First Class (E6) and are in the top half on the CPO promotion list. “  Again, before “truthers” try to capitalize on that, owning up to a mistake is called honesty, something “truthers” know nothing about.

Now, readers will remember “Truther” A from not only my previous article  but also other earlier articles.  Once again, “Truther” A has been making some of the most idiotic statements, even for a “truther.”

            He still insists that there was no damage caused by the upper floors caused by the impact zone, which is technically correct.  However, as Fellow Debunker 5 correctly, pointed out, damage was caused by the portion above the impact zone slamming into the portion below the impact zone.   This, is , of course, due to Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states that, “ If object A exerts a force on object B, then object B will exert a force on object A equal in magnitude but opposite in direction,”  or, in simpler terms, “ For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.”  Any physics book will tell you this.  Fellow Debunker 5 correctly pointed out that the upper section did fall in one section for 50-60 feet, then broke apart on impact.  He also pointed out to “Truther” A that the upper floors were constructed the same way as the lower floors.  This means that when the upper floors impacted the lower floors, the lower floors exerted the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF FORCE on the upper floors that the upper floors exerted on them.  If the force was enough to crush the lower floors, then, per Newton’s Third Law, it was also enough to crush the upper floors. 

            “Truther” A is also claiming  that the Pentagon was bombed, while ignoring one little detail.  If a bomb had been planted,  most of the debris would have been outside, however r we know most of the rubble was INSIDE.

            He ignores the MANY eyewitnesses that SAW  a PLANE hit the Pentagon, and his usual cop-out is that eyewitness testimony is the least reliable form of testimony.  However, if you have ever seen the criminal justice classes demonstrate that, you will notice that it is only the description of the SUSPECT ( or object in the case of Flight 77) that varies-  the description of the actual event doesn’t. 

            Another fellow Debunker, who I will call Fellow Debunker 8 asked the same question of “Truther” A that we have been asking for ages:  If a 757 buzzed the Pentagon but never hit it, then WHERE THE HELL DID THE PLANE GO?  Was it zapped by a UFO?

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Maybe the Starship Enterprise grabbed it with a tractor bean or a Romulan warbird shot it down with disruptors?  Perhaps the crew and passengers were sent off with Captain Kirk wearing red shirts?

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(picture from here )

Fellow Debunker 8 correctly points out that it’s rather difficult to hide something as large as a 757 and, since all aircraft were grounded after the 9/11 attacks, no matter WHAT the plane did, it would have been spotted. Fellow Debunker 8 states that the plane would have had to either land or crash because if it had made a beeline for another country, it would have shown up on a whole bunch of radars, both ours and foreign ones.

            “Truther” A’s response is that he thought they simply crashed the plane into the ocean.  This is when Fellow Debunker 9 chimed in with the OBVIOUS problem there:  It was MID-MORNING in one of the busiest sea lanes in the world, which means SOMEONE would have spotted it.

            On a related note, this is yet another area where “Truther” A has managed to contradict himself.  He has often stated that no more than 20 people were involved in the plot.  However, when Fellow Debunkers 8 and 9 pointed out the obvious problems with his statements that I mentioned in the previous 2 paragraphs, he states that his conspiracy theory would work if  everyone including the airline was in on it.  The contradictions between “Truther” A’s statements is obvious, but, I will of course elaborate.

            The problem is that in order to pull off the conspiracy, the pilots and their crews would have had to been told what was going on, as would the passengers and their families.  Logically, just the crew and passengers of just ONE plane, not including their families, could EASILY constitute more than 20 people.  The air traffic controllers would have had to have been informed as well, and, if the airline industry was in on it too, we have A LOT more than 20 people.  Now, factor in the people stuck in traffic near the Pentagon, and anyone out at sea, should the plane have been instructed to either ditch in the ocean or head to another country, and the number of people increases yet again.  For one thing, you would have had to tell anyone on the ships not to pay any attention to a plane diving into the ocean and let’s not forget people who live on or near the beach or who may have simply been at the beach that day.  Also, other countries would have needed to be informed should the plane have been told to head for another country.  There are numerous other people that would have needed to be in on the plan to pull it off, but as you can see, you would have needed FAR MORE THAN 20 PEOPLE to pull it off.

            “Truther” A then claims that they could have had remote controlled flight.  However, there is a problem with this as well. This quote from  indicates that problem: “To take an example of flying into the Pentagon, what would happen if you appear to be coming in too low? First, there would be a delay while the cameras on board the plane processed the image. There’s then a delay while the image is transmitted, and another while it’s displayed to the remote pilot. There’s a natural delay while he reacts to the situation, then another in transmitting his commands back to the plane, and another while it adjusts the control surfaces accordingly.”

The delay is several seconds, and that was in 2005, so we can assume some improvements since 2001, but if you consider several to mean 3 ( it could be more), that means a plane doing 500 MPH would go about four-tenths of a mile before it could react to what the remote pilot sees.”

            Clearly, “truthers” would do well to remember this old adage: “ It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”


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