Pilotsfor911Truth NOT Truthful

     First, a hat tip to Refman Dave for providing me with the info regarding the two differing definitions of departure and arrival time between the aviation industry and air traffic control.

     “Truthers” A and B, who readers will remember from a previous article recently provided the following quote from PilotsFor911Truth.org  as “proof” of a conspiracy: “  02/28/11 – (PilotsFor911Truth.org) It has been reported that American Airlines Flight 77 departed Washington Dulles International Airport at approximately 08:20 AM on the morning of September 11, 2001 allegedly from Terminal Concourse D Gate 26 (1). However, the Flight Data Recorder positional data provided by the National Transportation Safety Board tells a very different story.

The below illustration is a diagram of Dulles Concourse D and their respective gates. It shows Gate D26 on the southwest corner of the terminal.

(IMG: http://pilotsfor911truth.org/pics/IAD-ConcourseD.png)

 Below is the raw lat/long plot based on the information as seen in the raw Flight Data Recorder file provided by the NTSB. As you can see there is an offset from the runway during departure. This is due to navigational errors associated with the device involved, called an Inertial Navigation System or INS.”

            However, Pilotsfor911Truth is NOT telling the truth.

            There are at least TWO lies and one omission.

Fellow Debunker 5, also from an earlier article  pointed  out the first lie with this statement, in his own words: “Actually no, the first lie is the location of the gate. They show gate D26 at the end of the terminal, however if you go to gofox.com and the Dulles airports website and look at the concourse map you will see it’s down away from the end more opposite of gate D23.

Now another issue with this is that to show the correct path they overlaid the entire photo (transparent) over the original which gives it a double image and makes landmarks a bit hard to make out. Then they placed an image of the concourse they had over it. That image seemed to be place a little to the south.

Now when I took that image and cut out the supposed path and moved it the starting point appeared over the concourse about where gate D26 appears on the two concourse maps I found. Allowing for a margin of error and the fact that the line used is very wide (representing about 50 yards in width) I would say that this is a non issue.”

            The omission that Pilotsfor911Truth makes is that the Flight Data Recorder (FDR), also known as the black box, is supposed to automatically switch  on when the engines start and turn off when the engines go off ( source ). This, of course, makes sense as something can go wrong with the plane anytime from the point when the engines switch on to when they turn off.

            The other lie PilotsFor911Truth  makes with respect to Flight 77 is this, as we see from this quote from here: “  The flight was scheduled to depart at 08:10 am. Flight 77 pushed back from Gate D26 at 08:09 AM[17] and took off from Runway 30 at Dulles at 08:20 am.”  Note there were about 11 minutes from the time the plane pushed back to the time it took off.  Until the plane actually leaves the ground, it is STILL AT THE AIRPORT. In short, they left out the time it takes for the plane to taxi from the gate to the runway.

            A friend of mine with some experience in that area,Refman Dave , informed me via E-mail that there are two different definitions of departure and arrival time.   He informed me that the aviation industry ( meaning the pilots and crew) define departure time as when the plane pushes back from the gate and arrival time as when the plane has physically arrived at the gate, ceased all movement, and shut down the engines while Air Traffic Control defines departure time as when the wheels leave the ground and arrival time as when the wheels touch the ground.  In simpler terms, the aviation industry times arrival and departure from gate to gate while air traffic control times arrival and departure from airport to airport-  there IS  a difference.

             Refman Dave    also provided me with this statement:  “‘Ground time’ between the runways (at both ends of the flight) and the gates are “built in” to the departure and arrival times (to/from the gates!!) that are displayed to the public.

            I then asked him the following question, which is in lay man’s terms.”  So, IOW, the departure time I see displayed on the screen in the terminal is actually the “pushback” time  and if it’s say, a 10 minute taxi between the runway and the gate, if a plane is scheduled to arrive at 1:45 pm, that means the plane is actually scheduled to touch down at 1:35 pm, assuming it’s on schedule?

         Refman Dave   them confirmed that this was correct, and, assuming a 10 minute transit time between the gate and the runway and a 2-minute wait for clearance to take off and 1 minute for the wheels to leave the ground, the plane that is scheduled to depart at 12:00 does not actually leave the airport until 12:13 pm and, conversely, upon arrival, and assuming the same amount of time from touchdown to arrival at the gate   and engine shutdown, when the display says a  plane is scheduled to arrive at 1:15 pm, that means the plane is scheduled to be AT THE GATE WITH THE ENGINES OFF at 1:15 pm but actually touches down, meaning the plane is PHYSICALLY AT THE AIRPORT at 1:04 pm.  He further informed me that as long as the plane is within 15 minutes, up or down, from the scheduled arrival time, it is ON SCHEDULE.

            Obviously, like most “truthers,” Pilotsfor911Truth are suffering from a severe case of ED- Excessive Dishonesty;  they must have overdosed on Liagra.

 (picture from here )

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