"Truthers" Cook their Stats

     Readers may remember “Truther” A, who I have mentioned previously. He is still continuing to make a compete fool of himself.  First of all, he thinks Rumsfeld should have been fired for acting as a first responder.  It doesn’t occur to him that in a situation like the Pentagon on 9/11, emergency personnel are going to want EVERY UNINJURED, ABLE-BODIED PERSON to assist them.  Also, it’s not unreasonable to expect that the secretary of defense would be knowledgeable in First Aid/CPR and possibly be First Responder certified, in which case, since he was at the Pentagon and therefore working, he would be REQUIRED BY LAW to help out.

     Next, he wonders why Pentagon alarms didn’t go off when the towers were hit. Flight 11 hit the north tower at about a quarter till 9 (reference ), Flight 175 hit the south tower about 15 minutes later (reference ).  Also, as we see here,  the hijacking of flight 77 occurred between 8:51 and 8:54, which was AFTER Flight 11 hit the first tower and they knew Flight 175 had been hijacked, so it’s entirely possible they lost track of Flight 77 in the confusion.  Furthermore, the same source  that after the second plane, American Airlines Flight 175 was hijacked, American Airlines ordered a nationwide grounding of all its aircraft.  However, Flight 77 was in an area of limited radar coverage when it was hijacked, plus the fact that the transponder was shut off, when both Indianapolis Air Traffic Control and American Airlines dispatchers tried unsuccessfully to contact Flight 77.  As a result, they  thought the plane crashed at around 10 after 9. Now why would you be worried about an aircraft you thought had already crashed?  Again, this does NOT prove a conspiracy;  it merely emphasizes what EVERYONE knows; confusion is common during a disaster. Oh, there is one other, far more obvious reason the Pentagon alarms never went off when the towers were hit: the towers were in New York City, which, as we see here, is a little over 200 miles away from Washington DC.

     He is also still going on about mini-nukes used at the WTC ( as is “Truther” B, also mentioned in an earlier article ),  despite the distinct lack of radiation fallout and an EMP pulse, the latter of which would have affected electronic devices all over the New York City area and then some. Of course the sad part about the continued claims of nukes at the WTC by “Truthers” A and B is that, as we see here, even “TRUTHERS” have debunked that one.

     Finally, it is time to expose the errors in “truther” math.  Both “Truther” A and “Truther” B provided this link  from the German magazine Welt der Wunder and claim it proves  “growing world doubts about 9/11.”

      However, Fellow Debunker 4, who readers will remember from my Nov 30, 2010 article, pointed out that this is based on the following article  and the “89.5% of German respondents” is actually only 2001 people who were subscribers to the magazine and answered the poll.  Fellow Debunker 4 was also kind enough to provide me with the following stats: Germany has a population of a little over 81,000,000 ( in actuality, as we see here, the population of Germany is actually 81,471,834, but I will use the 81,000,000 to simplify the math). The estimated number of subscribers to the magazine in question is 800,000, 2001 people responded to the poll, and out of those 2001, 1780 did not believe the 9/11 Commission report.  Now, let’s do the math.

     1780 people out of the 2001 people who responded to the poll did not believe the 9/11 Commission report. 1780/ 2001 times 100 is approximately 89%.

     Now, as for the number of people who responded to the poll out of the magazine subscribers, that is 2001/800,000 times 100 = 0.25 % of the subscribers that responded to the poll and as for the ones that didn’t believe the 9/11 Commission Report, that is 1789/800,000 times 100 = 0.22 %.

     Finally,  here’s what REALLY does the “truthers” in-  there are an estimated 800,000 subscribers to Welt der Wunder, however, Germany has a population of just over 81,000,000, so, the percentage of the German population that subscribes to this magazine is 800,000/81,000,000 times 100, which means that approximately 1 % of the German population subscribes to said magazine. Now, when we take the number of people who responded to the poll and dived it by the German population, we have 2001/81,000,000 = 0.002 % of the German population responded to the poll.  Last but not least, here are the results for the 1780 people who did NOT believe the 9/11 Commission Report: 1780/81,000,000 times 100, which again, indicates that a whopping 0.002% of the German population doubts the 9/11 Commission report.  Notice that is two THOUSANDTHS of 1 %.

      There’s a growing doubt all right- a growing doubt about the sanity of “truthers.”  Of course most of us know that “truthers” are Looney Tunes.

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