Jimmy Hoffa Jr DOES owe Tea Party an apology

As readers may know, in a speech given on Labor Day, Jimmy Hoffa Jr, when referring to the Tea Party, said, ” we are going to take those SOB’s out. The full video can be found here. Last time I checked, threatening to take someone one was considered a death threat.  So much for the lefts call to eliminate violent rhetoric and increase civility.   Before anyone points to Allen West’s speech regarding bayonets,  there are two huge difference:  One, it was the LEFT that demanded violent rhetoric be eliminated and civility be increased, and 2. Allen West was NOT threatening anyone.   Watch this video here  and you will see Allen West was making a historical reference with the bayonets.  There is a HUGE difference between a historical reference and a death threat.  Oh, and one little question for the far left:  Since when is a death threat being civil?  The fact remains that if any Tea Party leader had given a speech, and said, ” we’re going to take those SOB’s out,” in reference to the Teamsters or unions in general, Hoffa Jr would have wanted the Tea Party to apologize, and rightly so, therefore Hoffa Jr owes the Tea Party the same courtesy.  One other word of advice to Hoffa Jr-  only cowards threaten people who disagree with them, politically or otherwise.


Posted September 7, 2011 by Victor Chabala in Opinion

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